Anna Andre Lip Gloss Review

This time we went shopping for a lip gloss and the one that made it to our cart was the Anna Andre Lip Gloss. This is an Ultra- Shine Lip Gloss  with Vitamin E. Read our review to decide whether this product is a yay or a nay.


lip gloss box front

lip gloss logo

lip gloss front full edit

lip gloss wand

lip gloss wand front

It’s the cliche ‘bottle with applicator wand’ packaging. The applicator’s size is just right- neither too big nor too small. The furry texture of the applicator helps in picking the right amount of product from the bottle.


lip gloss box shade

lip gloss shade no edit

The shade we chose is ‘Strawberry 50006’ since we love pink.


lip gloss ingredients box

Color, Texture & Fragrance

lip gloss texture

The  Anna Andre lip gloss is light pink in color and has glitter particles too. It has a smooth jelly-like texture. The gloss does not bleed from the lips as it has a less liquidy and firmer texture (jelly-like). It is rich in moisture. Keeps the lips hydrated all day (just like a lip balm). Ideal for someone with dry lips and for the upcoming winter season. It has a yummy fruit flavored bubble gum kinda fragrance 🙂


The pink color of the gloss does not come on to the lips, when applied. It seems like more of a transparent lip gloss. If you’re a fan of colored lip glosses then you can skip this one. However, it would look great over a lip color just to add extra sheen, sumptuousness and to give the appearance of fuller lips.


lip gloss lips edit

It stays on for 2 to 3 hours in its pure glossy form. Post a meal, it stays on for 2 to 3 hours more in a less glossy and more balmy kind of a form. That’s a good amount of time for a lip gloss! It definitely needs reapplying for its sheen to stay in the same form throughout the day.

Recommended Use

We recommend using this gloss over a lipstick or lip liner for parties, special occasions or for the upcoming festive season.

P.S. Using a transparent gloss with different colored lip liners gives the appearance of colored lip gloss for lesser cost.

lip gloss box back


6 gm


Rs. 250/-


3 years from manufacturing date.

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