Areopagus Japanese Day Spa – Review

Reviewing the body massage from Areopagus Japanese Day Spa at Hughes Road in Mumbai.

Areopagus Japanese Day spA

One Sunday morning, I got a flier with my newspaper – 50% off on body massages at Areopagus Japanese Day Spa in Hughes Road. So I decided to give them a call and find out more about this offer. The offer was 50% off on massages above Rs.6000 – which were their premium therapies. So I thought of getting their Signature Areopagus Ritual which costed Rs.6850 and would be at 50% after the discount. Keep reading if you want to find out how it was!

Areopagus Japanese Day spA

Areopagus Japanese Day Spa

Brand – Hughes Road, Mumbai

Ritual – Areopagus Signature

Time – 120 minutes

Price – Rs.6850 (I got it at 50% off due to their running promotion)


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The Areopagus Japanese Day Spa has all of the essentials which make you feel like you are at the right place to get yourself pampered – dim lighting, a small water fountain with relaxing sound of flowing water and soothing music.The reception area has a very helpful staff person sitting. And they were extremely courteous to offer water etc while the therapy was yet to start.

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The therapy room is clean. Because it’s a spa it doesn’t have too much of bright light or sunlight going on, but you can still definitely see the fresh sheets on the massage table. The therapists wear a face mask during the therapy. Even their bathroom is clean and dry. They keep some essentials like body wash, shampoo etc in the bathroom. And they provide fresh towels as well. And even have basic personal care items like deodorant, some talcum powder, comb etc at the dresser in the room.

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This was the first time I opted for a 2 hour long therapy. My masseuse escorted me into the therapy room and we started the therapy pretty quickly. I asked for medium pressure and she kept that going pretty well throughout the massage. I did not at any point feel that she was rushing through some body part or applying more pressure than needed. Every part of the body felt like it was given it’s due treatment. My back was feeling pretty tired and this was because of some knots. So the therapist spent slightly more time in easing them and that felt really good.

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The massage was followed with a good 10 minute steam. I personally love a good steam because I feel it frees us of any toxins and gives a beautiful glow.

After the therapy, I was offered some green tea as well and that definitely made me feel extremely refreshed and energized.

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Final Verdict

I opted for this therapy primarily because of the 50% discount. Else I would have probably stuck to a 60 min ritual. So if you find a good deal, then you can opt for this one too. Else you can choose from their wide menu of spa therapies. I do recommend them for their hygiene and technique. 

Overall the therapy left me feeling very relaxed. I didn’t have too much of that sore feeling or pain which sometimes happens due to too much pressure while massaging. 

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