August FabBag Review

Hope you enjoy reading about all the products in this August FabBag review!

Ital Veloce Valvatina Body Mist

DSC_0054This one we love! It’s a great floral body mist, perfect for day wear. The packaging is almost like the Victoria’s secret and the Bath and Body Works mist. The fragrance does stay on for a couple of hours, This comes at a price of Rs.499 for 210ml and we recommend buying the full sized bottle of this product.

You can buy this mist by clicking here.

Votre Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Mask


This is our second favorite product from this month’s FabBag. It came in this cute little jar, and was a nice earthly colored mask.

DSC_0061The mask comes in a thick paste form and needs to be mixed with water as mentioned in the instructions. However, we mixed it with rose water and applied it onto the face.



The instructions mention to keep it for about 15 minutes to dry off. However while trying it, it didn’t quite dry in 15 minutes so we left it on for a couple of minutes more.

The results of the mask were very nice as the first use case. Skin was soft, looked clean and glowing. Also this was tried on sensitive skin, but the skin didn’t show any redness or signs of irritation, which is great. If similar results continue then the mask definitely needs to be purchased.  This comes at a price of Rs.1080 for 100gms.

You can buy this mask by clicking here. 

Roots Professional Morocvita Oil

DSC_0068This is a leave-in Moroccan oil, just like the others in the market. The fragrance is a bit mild as compared to the others. Also it doesn’t leave hair as shiny and tangle free as the others do. The one that we love is the Organix Moroccan oil. This comes at a price of Rs.2000 for 120ml which is quite steep.

You can buy this Moroccan oil by clicking here.

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick – Red

DSC_0055This was something we were super excited to try! A lipstick that matches your mood, wow! The shade we got was a red (thankfully). The other shades available are green, orange, black and pink.

DSC_0076The lipstick looked more pinkish while putting it on. It’s texture was smooth and it glides well on the lip. However, the color pay off was not great. It took multiple strokes to get to this shade while trying to do a swatch.





The finish was more like a lip stain than a lipstick. Overall not very happy with this. It comes at a price of Rs.590.

You can buy this lipstick by clicking here.

Divo Eyelash Curler

DSC_0067This is a pretty average eyelash curler. It doesn’t give a great curling effect. The other ones in this range from brands like Vega are much better.The eyelash curler comes with minimum grip which is not great if you are just beginning to use one.

DSC_0068The Divo eyelash curler comes at a price of Rs.125.

You can buy this eyelash curler by clicking here.

And last but not the least, we loved the pink pouch that all this stuff came in! Look how pretty!


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