B.liv Deep Impact Pores Cleansing and Massage Emulsion Review

b.liv deep impact
B.liv Deep Impact is a deep pore cleanser that claims to prevent pores from getting blocked.

b.liv deep impact

B.liv Deep Impact Cleansing and Massage Emulsion is a boon for those who suffer from the problem of clogged pores.

I have combination skin and it’s also sensitive. And when I started using B.liv Deep Impact I found that the appearance of blackheads and white heads is definitely much lesser than normal. It is a product that is recommended for oily skin and is also safe for hyper sensitive skin.

b.liv deep impact

In terms of ingredients, this isn’t a natural ingredient only product; but it does have some effective natural contents.


It’s a form of clay that is widely used in skincare. It is known to absorb excess oil that can clog pores, remove dead skin cells and can be used as a facial mask.

Jojoba Massage Beads

These are made from 100% natural jojoba wax and don’t have sharp edges. So they are suitable for even everyday use and also don’t harm the environment like other micro beads.

Witch Hazel

This has effective astringent and anti-oxidant properties and is known to tone the skin and shrink enlarged pores.

Tea Tree Oil

It is antiseptic, anti-bacterial and an anti-oxidant and is known to soothe skin. It is especially popular for treating acne.

Aloe Vera Gel

This is natures moisturizer, anti-aging cream and literally the best thing to apply on your skin.

The other ingredients of this product do include sulphates.

b.liv deep impact

It’s been about 2 months since I’ve added B.liv Deep Impact to my skin care routine and I definitely see it working. For me clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads is a problem and I end up using a strong pore cleansing mask multiple times a week to keep it at bay. But after using this once a day, everyday, I find that it ensures my skin feels clean, doesn’t over dry or irritate my sensitive skin and my pores definitely are much less clogged.

I try to use this after using a cleansing lotion. I just take a coin sized amount to damp skin and gently massage until the beads are absorbed and then wash off. I don’t follow up with a face wash after using this, but instead straight move to toning my skin.

You can order this product online from the B.liv website. They do have offers on international shipping. The price of the product itself in 25$ and you get 50ml of product. The packaging is a simple tube which is quite compact and travel friendly. The product itself is liquid, but not too runny. And you can feel tiny granules while you massage this on your skin.

I hope this review was helpful. Stay tuned for my next one.

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