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beautycon festival
For a beauty enthusiast and a makeup lover, there’s nothing better than an opportunity to be able to attend the Beautycon Festival in LA.

I consider myself very lucky for being in LA at the same time that Beautycon Festival was happening. This was something that wasn’t on my agenda or to do list in LA. But because I found out about this from my most favorite beauty vlogger Nicole Guerriero, I had to be there.

Here’s a video about my entire experience at Beautycon Festival in LA.

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Being a beauty blogger and a makeup junkie, the Los Angeles Convention Center felt like Disneyland on the day of Beautycon. Imagine walking into a huge exhibition area, where all you can see if makeup and beauty stalls and counters. Also, your favorite beauty gurus and Youtubers walking around! And panel discussions on the upcoming trends of this space. See – nothing short of a fantasy coming true.

All the brands present at Beautycon are usually extra nice on that day. Most of them generously give out goodie-bags and a whole bunch of SWAG. And even offer massive discounts on purchases. You can see all of the amazing stuff that I got from brands and I purchased in this video.

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If you get a chance then do visit a Beauty festival at least once in your life. The sheer scale of things in these kind of events is so overwhelming. And all the free stuff is of course an added perk. But even if it wasn’t for the freebies, I would still recommend visiting one of these conferences just because it’s amazing to see so many brands and people together and really getting to see new launches first hand, touch and feel the makeup you always wanted and also meeting other people who share the same passion as  you.

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