Nail That Bed Head Look with These 5 Easy Steps

Bed Head look seems to be the new trend in the fashion industry. It resonates a carefree, raw approach to fashion, where the idea is to make your hair look as messy as possible, as if you have just stepped out of your bed. If you still can’t figure out what this looks like, then imagine Robert Pattinson’s long locks in the Twilight Series or Cara Delevingne, when she had some hair.

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Keeping the popularity of this trend in mind, I have written this article to guide you to get the perfect Bed Head look. This can be seen as a reincarnation of messy look, however, this involves much more density, to make it seem like you have just jumped out of your bed

Steps To Get A Bed Head Look

  • Say No To Hair brushing

Yeah! You heard it right, even if your hair looks like mess, tangled in knots, don’t dare to touch your hairbrush. Rather use a wide tooth comb to lightly work through your tangles, leaving your hair unruly. This is a plus, as you won’t have to build a messy texture from the scratch.

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  • Sprinkle some Water on your hair

You will be able to create a carefree look, as water drying off creates some tousled locks in your hair. Some hairstylists use this technique of putting some water on their hands and then pinching different sections of your hair.

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  • Spray Some Dry Shampoo

This will allow you to extend the time frame between the wash, while also making your hair look messy and dry. You can also use this to create an illusion of volume in your hair, by using it in different sections of your hair and mixing it up with your hands.


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  • Use The Un-styling approach

Don’t go overboard, while adding extra hair spray or other tools, as it can look unnatural. The idea is to manipulate your hair rather than going for the defined look. You are supposed to create as many rumpled textures as possible so don’t aim for definition.   

  • Finish It With Some Spray

Now that you have created the desired look, to ensure its longevity, spray some gel to stabilize the structure of your locks. You can also add some Hair shine product, to give a healthy silky glow to your hair. However, avoid conditioning or oiling it.

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Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair

And there, you now have a crazy sexy Bed Head look, in just five simple steps. Now ensure that you use products that suit your skin and your hair. You can also use hair oil to recover from any damage caused by the spray. 

I personally use VLCC Hair Smoothening Shampoo before donning this look, it makes my hair smooth and silky, creating shiny messed up strands that don’t make my hair look dull or dry. It works as a shampoo and conditioner, both, with a rare combination of honey and wheat germ extracts. The bonus is it has Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein which gives bounce and volume to my hair. It is priced at Rs 200 for a 200ml bottle.


After washing your hair with VLCC smoothening shampoo you will feel a layer of that extra frizz which will give the hair a good amount of density.

It is good if you can also use the VLCC hair repair oil, every once in a while, as hair styling sometimes can generate stress for the hair.

So go ahead and experiment with your look, and be any Disney princess or villain that you want to look like.

I hope this post was helpful. Stay tuned for my next one. XOXO

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