Bollywood Style Wavy Hair!

There’s something about the imperfection in wavy hair. Whether it’s a beachy look or something for a night out – tousled waves can look great either way.

We found some great inspiration to carry Bollywood style wavy hair. Read on for tips to LookLikeThis!

Deepika Padukone kind of brought back wavy hair in Bollywood with her movie Cocktail. She sported really hot hair – wild waves, messy out of bed, even scrunched. Even in this picture her hair looks stunning.

Image courtesy - Pinterest

Image courtesy – Pinterest

An easy way to get this look without using any heat is to braid hair while its wet and leave it on over night. You will wake up looking like a Goddess with sexy hair!

Sonam Kapoor can carry off pretty much any look.  Here she’s seen with hair that has major volume and is tousled towards the ends.


Image courtesy – Pinterest

You can get this kind of hair without using any heat by simply twirling a damp ponytail and putting it up into a bun. Open after some time for loose waves towards the ends of your hair.

Katrina Kaif mostly wears her hair straight which looks great. But in BangBang she wore very natural looking waves which made for a good change.


Image courtesy – Pinterest

An easy way to get this look is to simply take some serum or a curling cream and apply it to the ends of damp hair. After that just scrunch to get a nice texture.

Alia Bhatt represents some oomph! This kind of bad ass hair with some bad ass attitude; and your all set to conquer the world!


Image courtesy – Pinterest

An easy non-heat way to get this hair is to tie as many braids as possible to wet hair and open them up after a few hours. One could even apply some texturizing product before doing this.

Jacqueline Fernandez looks dewy fresh here! She’s got the whole girl next door vibe going on very easily for her.


Image courtesy – Pinterest

An easy way to look like this is to take random sections of hair and twist them with a curling iron. It makes for a great day look with minimal effort and time!

Kareena Kapoor looks smokin’ hot here! And the messy wavy hair just adds to that! Love this pic!


Image courtesy – Pinterest

Wear this look on a night out. This look is all about texture. So use a good texturizing spray to get it right.

So let us know how you like to wear your waves. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and Bollywood inspo! Like, comment and share!

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