Braiding hair before sleeping!

Braiding hair before sleeping!

I’ve gotten into the practice of braiding hair before sleeping. I think it started when I read somewhere that if you’re trying to grow your hair, put it in a braid before you sleep. Nothing fancy, just a plain simple braid. So do I think this really works? Well, probably it has for me! But not just making it long, my hair feels better in so many ways since I started braiding hair before sleeping. 

Less knots

braiding hair before sleeping 1

I wake up with minimum tangles. Because my hair is secured, it doesn’t keep going in all directions while sleeping. Lesser tangles means happy hair. 

Soft waves

braiding hair before sleeping

Naturally, my hair is slightly wavy. When I braid it for a few hours, it enhances my already wavy hair. With just a little bit of scrunching in the morning, I’m able to sport beachy waves. So I’m not complaining!


braiding hair before sleeping 3

When you have your hair all together in one place, it is protected. It goes through minimal rubbing against your neck or the pillow while you are asleep. 

Long and strong

braiding hair before sleeping 4

And lastly, I don’t know if it’s a mere co-incidence or what, but my hair seems to have grown after I began braiding hair before sleeping. It just seems to be able to get less damaged, so perhaps the frequency of hair-cuts has reduced.

So that is my true experience of braiding hair before sleeping. What do you like doing to your hair before you sleep? Let me know in the comments below!


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