Casual Brunch OOTD

Brunch OOTD
My style is mostly comfortable and casual. So I put together my Casual Brunch OOTD suggestions for everyone who wants to look a bit stylish, with minimal effort.

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I hope you enjoyed watching my Casual Brunch OOTD. Here’s a quick Outfit breakdown.

Brunch OOTD 1

Here I’m wearing these really old denim, which doesn’t have an acid wash kinda fade, but it has that worn out old denim look. It’s a lighter blue. I decided to pair it with a blue tee, with a fit that would hide a little extra tummy fat. It’s a cotton, casual printed tee and it’s pretty basic and fuss free. Since this is a brunch OOTD, I didn’t really want to dress up too much. And to be honest I was also rushing so I really needed to get out the door pretty quick. I paired this outfit with nice coffee brown heels, which were a kind of cone shape, although not very pointed. These are super comfortable. And since I have this crazy obsession to match my bags and shoes, I carried a large tote which was in a similar color family, with it.

Brunch OOTD

Jeans – Levis

Top – JC Penny

Shoes – ROSS

Bag – Coach

Brunch OOTD 2

This was a pretty memorable brunch. I was going to the Oriflame Eco Beauty Event and it was supposed to be by the poolside at Mariott, in Mumbai. I wasn’t able to wear a dress here, so I picked up this white Top which has a nice cutout kinda detail on the sleeves. And it’s a really comfortable fabric. And I teamed it up with these pencil grey denims which have a little bit of a rip. So here again I wanted to keep it casual, but make it a tad bit dressy so I teamed up this outfit with stilettoes that were a beautiful grey and cream color. And I carried a large zipped purse, which was also grey.

Brunch OOTD

Jeans – Promod

Top – HM

Shoes – Charles and Keith

Bag – Charles and Keith

Brunch OOTD 3

Here I was set to go for the Chandon India Brunch and so I wanted to be a little more formal and not wear jeans. So I wore these white palazzo pants, which are ankle length. These fit like a dream. And I teamed it up with this beautiful cool toned pastel grey top. Both of these were rather loose – palazzos are obviously loose and comfortable and the top wasn’t really body hugging either. But it gave a nice shape, which is what I was going for. I teamed this up with a really long sling, which was almost the same color as the top. And I wore the same grey stilettoes as well.

Brunch OOTD

Palazzos – Vince Camuto

Top – ROSS

Shoes – Charles and Keith

Bag – Kenneth Cole

I hope you enjoyed watching and reading. Do let me know which one was your most favorite outfit from these.

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