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Campus Shoes
I recently got my hands on this beauty from Campus Shoes and was happily surprised to see the finish and quality.

Battle from Campus Shoes is one of their newest launch. The design is really stylish but what impressed me more is the comfort. These are excellent for rigorous walking, the kind one incurs during travel.

Campus Shoes

While travelling, I get into a zone where I seek additional comfort – be it in my outfits or my shoes. And the kind of footwear that I usually carry around with me is any kind of sneakers. And this is because travelling can be hectic – it increases the amount of walking, you could be doing a little adventure trek or even just need to be super comfortable while chilling at a place. Also, it’s generally better to walk in shoes that provide adequate support to the heel and the foot. And these shoes from Campus do just that. They give a really well cushioned feel.

Campus Shoes

Another important point while selecting shoes for travel is that you shouldn’t be stuck with something that’s too heavy. You need to have a pair of sneakers that give you that cushioned comfortable feel, and are also made from a lightweight airy fabric. This is so that the weight of the shoe itself doesn’t make it difficult to walk around in them or even carry them with you. And also, if the shoes were to get wet they need to be able to dry quickly. These shoes from Campus come in that kind of fabric.

Campus Shoes

Battle as a pair is designed for comfort. So here is what you can expect from this pair:

  • Perfect Fit
  • Supersoft Insole
  • Lightweight Material
  • Bouncy Midsole
  • Balance from Toe to Heel
  • Breathable Mesh

All of these advantages for a very competitive price of Rs.1499.

Do check out their website for more designs.

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