Casmara face mask review

I’m perpetually on a quest – finding or making good face masks! My skin is sensitive so I have to be super careful with what I put on it. So also I’m very cautious when I’m trying facials or clean ups at salons because I’m super scared of breakouts. One of my favorite facial place in Mumbai is Freedas in Bandra. If you’ve been in and around Mumbai and Bandra for as long as you can remember, then you’ll know! I always get the Casmara facial there and that’s because I simply love the face mask in that. The Casmara face mask is a peel off mask with great natural ingredients like algae and actual oats. It is cooling and brings a nice glow to the skin. I ended up buying the pack one day on a trip to Beauty Centre, Khar, and I was so glad I did! I can finally get that glow without spending big bucks. I bought 1 set (1 powder and 1 gel pack) for about Rs.180.

The Casmara face mask consists of 2 things – the gel and the powder.

casmara gel

casmara powder

As you can see, I’m trying the one for sensitive skin.

casmara sensitive

The gel and powder need to be mixed together. The gel is quite thick and needs to be stirred well in order to blend with the powder. This is now ready for application.

casmara application

While applying, you really need to blot the mask onto the face as initially the product can be a little runny and drip. And the mask is best used for one person – which means that you need to really create a nice thick layer. I was able to cover my entire face and neck areas with this. I also applied it to my under eye area.

Here you can see the actual pieces of oats in it!

casmara oats

The color of the mask was a very faint violet and it smells amazing.

I let it dry for about 20 mins. You know it’s dry when on touching it doesn’t come on the finger and the edges start to come off from the skin.

It peels off very easily. Only be careful around the hairline, because getting the mask off hair can be a pain.

casmara after

My skin felt extremely smooth and clean after using this. There was a nice glow, almost like the one you get after a good night’s sleep. I’m definitely going to use this whenever I need that vibrancy in my skin.

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  1. I am a married woman in late thirties, dealing with problems like wrinkles and fine lines. A few months back, one of my friends suggested me to try Casmara facial masks that come in four different ranges – Rejuvenation, Purifying, Balancing and Hydra. It is a Spanish luxury skincare brand that provides a pioneering range of face masks. I tried Hydra, a product that promises to reactivate cellular metabolism to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing. It’s been a few months since I am using this mask and I would say Casmara facials provide numerous benefits. All the four masks contain highly hydrating seaweed and help restore, rejuvenate and hydrate damaged skin.

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