Castor Oil Benefits – Hair & Skin

I introduced Castor oil in my beauty regime over a year ago and I can gladly say that it has changed my life. So sharing some Castor Oil Benefits that I’ve seen on my hair and skin with you in this post.

Hair Growth

castor oil benefits hair growth

It is no secret that adding castor oil to your hair routine can make it longer. Just take a small amount of castor oil and directly massage it to your scalp to experience this benefit. You will have longer hair soon if you follow this regularly.

Lip moisturizer

castor oil benefits lips

During the winters you need to add that extra something to moisturize your lips. I tried to use a bit of castor oil as a lip balm and it worked wonders. You only need a drop and apply it to your lips. It will help you get rid of dry, chapped lips very easily. 

Sensitive scalp treatment

castor oil benefits scalp

My scalp is sensitive – to the extent of even the tiniest change in weather can make it feel inflamed. I used castor oil because it is known to have anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties to treat this. After a massage with castor oil my scalp survived travel, weather change and other such things quite well. It felt less itchy and irritated. 

Stretch marks’ eraser
castor oil benefits stretchmarks
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Extreme weight loss or weight gain, pregnancy and multiple other conditions can lead to stretch marks. Castor oil helps in reducing these too. Just apply daily to the affected area and massage it well. 

Thicker eyebrows

castor oil benefits eyebrows

Scanty eyebrows? Use a couple of drops on castor oil on each of them daily and notice your eyebrows getting thicker than they are. Be patient though – this remedy can give great results over a period of time. 

Goodbye dry skin

castor oil benefits dry skin

Use castor oil as a body treatment for that extra moisture and nourishment. Use it before your bath as a massage oil or after your shower as a body lotion. If you find it too thick then add some coconut oil to it.  

Foot spa treatment

castor oil benefits foot soak

Castor oil is known to ease any kind of nerve pain too. So if you have had a long tiring day, prepare this easy foot soak with some castor oil in it. Take warm water, add some sea salt to it and also a tablespoon of castor oil. Dip your feet in this until the water becomes cold. Not only will it ease your tiredness, but also your feel will feel softer. 

Thicker hair

castor oil benefits thicker hair

Adding some castor oil to your regular oil massage can help combat that hairfall and give you not only longer, but thicker hair too. My favorite is to mix castor oil with some coconut oil and apply it to my scalp and hair and leave it overnight. 

Natural long nails

castor oil benefits long nails

Love growing your nails? Then castor oil must be your best friend! It strengthens the nail and prevents it from chipping. Use this on the nail everyday for long, beautiful nails.

This list could go on. But hope all these good things make you eager to introduce Castor Oil in your beauty routine. I have and I totally love it!

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