Choose the right jewellery for every occasion

Choose the right jewellery for every occasion

Not everyone amongst is a fashionista that knows to pair just the right accessory with their dresses or ascertain the kind of make up that will go with a particular outfit and more importantly decide what jewellery to wear to live up to a certain vibe of an occasion. Neither is everyone amongst us equipped with the right resources or money to hire a fashion consultant to assist us at every occasion. So what do we do? Yes, you have got that right! In this day and age of internet and its reliability on social media, you don’t have to look anywhere else. Simply take out a few hours and sift through the abundance of material available online to find out what is best for you.

Here, we will discuss jewellery. Every girls’ favourite accessory. This article is meant to put an end to any woes you might have about pairing the right jewellery for the right occasion.


    1. Casual or Daily Wear: Let’s begin with what jewellery to adorn yourself with on a daily basis. Now you may not necessarily need jewellery to complete your outfit, but no girl wants that does she? There has to be a touch of jewellery to add to the charm of your personality. On a casual occasion, earrings are the best choice to make. You can look up daily wear gold earrings designs online or simple rings and necklaces and shortlist those that are minimalist in their design and sober in their appearance. These will not draw attention to your jewellery and still fill you with a sense of satisfaction and happiness that you are ready to go the way you like it.
    2. Work or Formal Occasions: The scenario in a work atmosphere is also similar. You do not wish to come across as too dressed up or too under-dressed. This is where latest daily wear gold earrings designs come in to balance your look and make you elegantly presentable.
    3. Glitz and Glam Occasions: Weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, engagement parties, festivals, now these are occasions that demand you be dressed at your best. It’s up to you whether you are aiming for a subtle look or are striving to make a statement. On days like these, you can choose gauche jewellery like elaborate neckpieces, studded rings, maang teeka, nose rings, jhumke, etc. to complete your designer outfits. A payal or an anklet is also a subtle choice for a party atmosphere. The sound of its jingling is often in sync with the merry atmosphere of the occasion.
  • Vacations and Get-Aways: This is the time to relax. Now is when you put on jewellery that puts a smile on your face as you catch a glimpse of it through the shades of beautiful trees, watch it shine against the sun as you bask in front of a beach or shimmer with colourful glory as you walk in a noisy bazaar with an array of merchandise laid before you. Diamond earrings or a diamond bracelet, colourful jewellery, or a simple pendant are what might add to the perfection of your vacation.  

Jewellery is less about an occasion or the outfit you are carrying. It is very much the kind of mood you are in. So, every time you find yourself in a fix, simply ask yourself what you would prefer at that moment, what you are more comfortable in, and dress accordingly. You might just as well go for what pleases your eyes and attracts you at that moment.

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