Clean Makeup Sponges – Super Easy Method

Clean Makeup Sponges
Everyone loves an easy method to clean makeup sponges. So in this post, I share with you this trick that helps me get all that gunk and build up out of my sponge and beauty blender in absolutely no time.

Watch this video for an easy method to clean makeup sponges

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I hope you watched and liked my easy method to clean makeup sponges. This way is effective and I guarantee you a 100% clean makeup sponge after doing this.

All the ingredients that you will need to do this are:

Any Dishwash Gel / Liquid Soap

Some Olive Oil

Basically, the olive oil helps assimilate all the build up, left over product and other dirt from the sponge. Oils are greasy and hence they have the ability to thoroughly cleanse stuff. A dishwash soap is the best way to clean greasy dirt and stains.

So this is how I get my Beauty Blender and Makeup Sponges to look squeaky clean. The method is easy, cost effective and doesn’t even take a long time.

It’s extremely important to keep makeup sponges and brushes clean because they can attract bacteria due to the product build up. This can cause break outs, allergies and rashes. Also you do want to put on makeup with something thats clean because it is directly touching your face! I used to be pretty lazy about my makeup brushes and sponges but I’ve now realized the importance of keeping them clean. And with this kind of an easy method to clean makeup sponges, I don’t even have the excuse of being lazy.

That was it from me in this post. I hope you enjoyed watching and reading and found it helpful. Do try out this method to clean your makeup sponge and let me know if it works for you. And in case you have tips and tricks on cleaning makeup brushes then do share them with me in the comments below.

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