Cold water splash – Benefits

cold water splash

Cold water splash – Benefits

I got into the habit of a cold water splash a few months ago. I do this about 10-15 times, right after waking up. I honestly started splashing my face with cold water after I read about the benefits of doing this. And now I’m going to tell you why you should do it too!

Wakes you up

Let’s face it – anything that helps you get into the awake state in the morning is appreciated. And this cold water splash habit definitely does that. Because you are continuously splashing water on your face, you end up giving up the sleepy feeling quite quickly. 

Natural toner

Cold water is known to be a natural toner and an astringent for the face. It helps close pores and makes skin appear more fresh.


A cold water splash is also a good anti-ageing remedy. It helps tighten skin and you feel that almost immediately after a few splashes. 

Reduces redness

If you have a slight flush of red on your t-zone or cheeks or any part of your face, splashing your face with cold water helps reduce that. 

Lets skin breathe

After a cold water splash just leave your skin bare, without any product for even a couple of minutes. This helps skin breathe. 

Now that you’ve read about the benefits, I’m sure your going to want to start trying it. But let me tell you how to do it.

1) Ensure all your hair is away from your face. Just use a head band.

2) Use regular tap water and start to fill up your palms with it. Keep splashing this on your face till you can handle it. Initially you may start with 5-6 times but build it up to about 15-20 times. 

3) Pat dry your skin and don’t apply anything for the next few minutes. 

Let me know if you try this out. I would love to know the cold water splash helped your skin. Leave me a comment here.

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