Colorbar Lip Prime & Care Review

Colorbar Lip Prime
I didn’t quite know the importance of a Lip Primer until I used the Colorbar Lip Prime & Care. This product has turned out to be a total game changer for me.

I have been using Colorbar Lip Prime & Care for almost 2 weeks now and I must say that it is yet another quality product from Colorbar. I haven’t see too many Lip Primers available in the Indian Drugstore category and in that, the Colorbar Lip Prime & Care certainly seems pretty useful.

A Lip Primer, like a skin primer is supposed to get your lips ready for makeup. This means that it needs to form a good surface for the makeup to hold on to and last long. And of course, not crease or crack. I used to think that a lip balm and well exfoliated lips were enough for lipstick to look nice and last long; but the Colorbar Lip Prime & Care certainly has become something that I find my self using a lot.

Product Claims

Colorbar Lip Prime

  • Prep, Prime & Care
  • Contains Vit E & Vit C for extra moisture
  • Prolongs the wear and appearance of lip colors
  • Works with both – matte and cream lip colors
  • Contains Beeswax to naturally soothe lips
  • Natural anti-oxidants that fill in the lines and give plumper, fuller lips
  • Preservative and Paraffin free
  • Cruelty free and not  tested on animals
  • Waterproof


Colorbar Lip Prime

The Colorbar Lip Prime & Care comes in a slim black, lipstick kind of form. The outer body is a matte black shade with brand details in silver. The lid is easy to open and one can roll out the lip primer quite smoothly. The packaging is pretty travel friendly.

Texture, color and scent

Colorbar Lip Prime

The Colorbar Lip Prime & Care has a creamy white appearance, however on application it is completely colorless. It has a really mild waxy scent. In terms of application it glides pretty smoothly on the lips, and doesn’t add any color when applied by itself.


Colorbar Lip Prime

  • Key ingredients include:
  • Beeswax
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Volatiles
  • Vitamin E & C


Colorbar Lip Prime

The Colorbar Lip Prime & Care definitely helps in keeping my lipstick on for a longer time. When used on the lips without any exfoliation, it helps give them some moisture and makes the appearance of dry and chapped lips much lesser. When used on exfoliated lips, the Colorbar Lip Prime & Care creates a smooth surface and the lipstick application becomes extremely even. Sometimes liquid lipsticks enhance the fine lines on lips, but when using this product before application, the results are super smooth.

Another thing I observed with the Colorbar Lip Prime & Care is that it has reduced my lipstick from flaking and creasing. Sometimes liquid lipsticks begin to peel off after some time of application and with this primer I feel they stick on for much longer. It also doesn’t make my lips feel extremely dry when I’m using it in combination with matte lip colors.

It also works well as a lip balm. It’s not tinted and does not give any color; but definitely makes the lips feel well moisturised. And

How to use?

Colorbar Lip Prime

I recommend using this on exfoliated lips. Just apply a layer before using any lipstick. You can even use it as a lip balm.


YES! I have been seeing this product genuinely prolonging the wear time of any lipstick.


Colorbar Lip Prime

  • Cruelty Free
  • Waterproof
  • Moisturizing
  • Smooth application
  • Preservative and Paraffin free


I wish it had better fragrance 🙂

Price – Rs.700

Quantity – 2.5gm

Colorbar Lip Prime

I hope this review was helpful. Do let me know in the comments section if it was. And if you know any other good lip primers then leave them in the comments section as I would love to try them.

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