Colorbar Review – Visibly Better Moisturizing Lotion

While shopping for some skin care, we came across the Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturizing Lotion and decided to try it out. Read our review to know if you should buy this or not!

Colorbar Review – Visibly Better Moisturizing Lotion

The first thing that attracted us to checking out this moisturizer was that it has NO parabens, sulphates, alcohol, mineral oils or artificial color. Lately we’ve been trying to find some skin care which is with minimal chemical and the Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturizing Lotion fits the bill.







The packaging also says that this is 100% cruelty free and 100% vegetarian – which means that unlike a lot of other cosmetics, this does not have any animal bones or remains. Both of these points are definitely a win for us.

The bottle outlet is in the form of a pump. One needs to turn the lid around and get the pump out to start using the lotion. The bottle is actually quite delicate – ¬†dropped it once and it the lid doesn’t close now!







This is a liquid moisturizer. The texture is not too runny and it has a nice sheen to it. The color of the moisturizer is white.

The product is not very greasy (have oily skin) and leaves skin looking fresh and smooth. The packaging says that it can be used as a makeup base as well, which is actually true. While trying out this product, we started skipping primer and the face looked pretty fresh, minimal grease after about 6-7 hours of sitting in an a.c. room.







The packaging says the contents are made in Italy. We don’t know how far that’s true. But the lotion does give a beautiful glow to the skin and is a great hydrating solution.

The Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturizing Lotion comes at a price of Rs.850 for 30ml which is not really a budget beauty buy. But if you are looking for a great product of international quality for a slightly lesser price, then this is a good try.







All in all, this product has been a good try. It’s a fairly old product (think it launched in 2013); but a good try at the price. Team LLT recommends buying this.

You can buy the product by clicking here

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