Deep Red Nails!

Every weekend we spend some time in being all types of pretty! And doing up our nails is simply the thing we love. Last week we had a nice subtle nude with a glitter element to it. So this week we decided to go for something a bit more dramatic – deep red nails!







The shade we picked was one of the old colors we have – a Sally Hansen nail color. This is from the Hard as Nails Extreme Wear Nail Color range and the shade is Brick Wall (90). This color is slightly over a year old and has not thickened or dried up yet which is great.













Sally Hansen nail paints are one of the best quality that one can find. They are quick drying, long lasting, mostly chip resistant and don’t thicken up for years.








The shade we picked was a deep red as we needed something to add some life to our hands after the nude shade worn last week. This is a very deep red, almost in between marsala and ox blood. These kind of nail colors immediately brighten up hands and give a very classy look.













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