Direct Create brings beautiful Handmade goodies online

Direct Create Box
Direct Create is a platform that is helping grow Indian handmade art and craft.

Direct Create operates like a marketplace and a community for buyers and sellers of handmade goodies. And they variety they offer is incredible.

For a seller, there are various means of distributing their craft to potential customers. However, with Direct Create, the opportunity for reaching the right kind of buyer is pretty high. On the other hand, people who are interested in Indian handmade craft now have a dedicated place to go and find it online. And of course, it’s convenient, easy to order and there is so much to choose from.

So what are the kind of things that you can buy on Direct Create? Well it’s anywhere between stuff that can go on your centre table, or stuff that you can wear or even stuff that you can sleep on. Their Lifestyle section includes furniture, tableware, bed linen, kitchenware and more. You can find clothing and footwear for men and women. And also home decor items like art and lamps. And they cater to a wide price range, so you might definitely find something valuable and within your budget.

Direct Create team was kind to send me some of their stuff and I was honestly pretty impressed with the quality.

Direct Create Handmade Diary

They sent me this diary which is really good quality. The cover has Rajasthani figures doing all sorts of things and the pages seem to be really high quality. It’s a nice everyday handbook that can be used to jot down stuff. I think it’s from their Moochad series! Along with this diary, they sent me a really cool pencil, with an attached parrot figurine (like a holder). It is so vibrant πŸ™‚

Direct Create Wooden Box

I also got a nice little wooden box, with a little bit of pattern carving on top. And the box feels really good and is actually perfect for storing jewellery.

Direct Create Jewellery Box

I absolutely love what they are doing for this community. Every state in India has their prominent art and this is an excellent medium for promoting it. I would highly recommend checking out their website (click here).

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