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It’s time to travel with me to yet another beautiful, scenic destination. My Encinitas SRF Meditation Gardens visit was indeed a very peaceful and relaxing one. I happened to spend almost half a day here and have brought back with me some really good memories.

In this video, I take you along with me to the Encinitas SRF Meditation Gardens. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Encinitas SRF gardens are acres of beautiful greens, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The ocean looks absolutely beautiful from here – you can literally see at least 7 different shades of blue. The Encinitas SRF gardens are blessed with nature’s abundant bounty – beautiful flowers, lush greens and tall trees. The place has a calming effect and it makes you take a moment to realize how beautiful nature is.

Encinitas SRF 1

Encinitas SRF 1

Encinitas SRF

The Encinitas SRF gardens are open for anyone to visit. You can go there and walk through the beautiful lawns and enjoy a day of calm and peace. The place is in Encinitas and it takes about 2-3 hours for you to reach there.

Encinitas SRF 1

The city of Encinitas is picturesque – there is a beautiful beach known as the Swami’s beach and the streets are amazingly clean. You also see really pretty homes. The whole city totally has a very uplifting vibe. And the Encinitas SRF gardens definitely add to that.

Encinitas SRF 1

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience at the Encinitas SRF centre. It’s a place that I definitely associate with happy times. And I would love to hear about places that you have visited that kind of bring out that happy vibe in you. Leave it in the comments below and I’d love to read.

Encinitas SRF 1

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