Essie Forever Yummy – The Perfect Red!

Essie Forever Yummy
Essie Forever Yummy is one of my most cherished red nail polishes. I picked up this shade from my trip to the U.S. earlier this year and I honestly didn’t really know that I’d love it so much. I guess some decisions taken while in the makeup isles do turn out to be good.

Essie Forever Yummy is that kind of red than can suit most skin tones – it is nice and bright and doesn’t have a blue or a very warm undertone either. So here’s my experience of using Essie Forever Yummy.


Essie Forever Yummy

I picked up an older Essie bottle – the new ones are quite interestingly designed though. The bottle is a transparent glass bottle with a white cap. And essie printed and engraved on either side. I think for packaging these are one of the cutest bottles out there.


Essie Forever Yummy

The shade is called Forever Yummy. It is a beautiful deep red shade.


I picked it up for about 10$ which comes up to Rs.700 in INR. I do feel it’s expensive, especially for a non gel nail polish. But I did really want to try this out.

Lasting Power

Essie Forever Yummy

With any red nail polish, even the slightest chip becomes really evident. This one stays super clean and chip free for about 3 days and then after a hair wash it starts to chip. It doesn’t chip too much, but I guess the edges of the nail are likely to chip any way.

Final Word

Essie Forever Yummy

So yes – Essie Forever Yummy is a gorgeous shade. It’s a kind of red that’s classic and can suit anyone. Having said that, you may find dupes for the shade itself. However what I really like about Essie is the finish and quality of their nail polish. The color is not at all streaky and look super even and smooth in the first coat itself. So I definitely think that with Essie you are not only paying for the brand but also a slightly better finish. Nails do end up looking like they are salon manicured.

I hope this post was helpful. I would love to know your favorite red nail polishes. So please leave me a comment below with your suggestions and picks. And don’t forget to follow me on my social media for regular updates.






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