Get Rid of Tan – Easy DIY Home Remedies

Get Rid Of That Tan

Get Rid of Tan – Easy DIY Home Remedies

Summer, along with heat brings another thing – Tanned Skin. So we’re sharing some tried and tested methods to get rid of tan. These are super easy and totally DIY. Keep reading to know more.

Prior to a bath use one of the following ingredients to scrub the face as well as the body. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and then hop into the shower.


Get Rid of Tan- Easy, DIY, Home RemediesLemon has bleaching properties that help whiten skin and hence get rid of tan. It is acidic in nature and may cause slight burning. Thus use as much as your skin can handle.

Use a semi-squeezed sort of lemon and just rub it on the face and over the body. Another way to use it could be to mix squeezed lemon juice in Gram Flour (Besan) or Honey, and then scrub. Add some Rose Water to the mixture in case you have sensitive skin, as the soothing nature of the rose water will calm the tingling.


Get Rid of Tan- Easy, DIY, Home RemediesTomato has an effect similar to that of a lemon.

Take one half of a half-cut tomato or grind a tomato into a paste and use it to scrub the tan away.


Get Rid of Tan- Easy, DIY, Home RemediesMilk has cleansing and whitening properties. Using milk as a scrub will hence help in getting rid of a tan.


Get Rid of Tan- Easy, DIY, Home RemediesThis is a thick yellowish layer of fat which is skimmed off from milk. It is quite greasy in nature because of its high moisture content. Thus it is great for someone who suffers from dry skin. Use this only on your body. Its use on the face is avoidable, as  the grease may trigger acne or breakouts.

Post use one needs to double rinse in order to get rid off the grease and smell from the body.


Get Rid of Tan- Easy, DIY, Home RemediesSugar is a great natural exfoliant. Exfoliation helps get rid off dead skin, thus bringing new skin to the surface. This will help in regaining former skin tone.

It’s granules could be slightly large for the face. Hence it is best to use them on the body.

When used by itself, sugar could be slightly harsh on the body. Hence it is important to mix it in a liquidy base. Check out our sugar scrub recipe for some inspiration.


Let us know via comments which of these methods works the best for you. And if you  have any tried and tested recipes for great skin then please share it with us.


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