Maybelline Color Show Go Graffiti Review

We’re a big fan of Maybelline nail polishes and couldn’t resist ourselves from trying out their new range- ‘Maybelline New York Color Show Go Graffiti’. Our post is about the Go Graffiti review!

FeaturedYou can say goodbye to expensive and tedious nail art with these nail polishes. Just two coats of this nail paint and bam nail art!

These nail polishes have transparent or bright colored base with neon or glitter particles. The particles come in circular, star, flower and pentagon shapes. When applied it gives a graffiti kind of effect to the nails, hence the name.

These nail polishes have a smooth texture and consistency that’s neither too thick nor too thin.

Lucky LavenderThe shade we chose is ‘Lucky Lavender 805’ as we loved the lavender base and yellow dots combination 😀

How to use

Step 1. Remove any previous nail polish and ensure that your nails are squeaky clean.

Step 2. Shape and Buff nails.

Step 3. Apply two coats of Maybelline New York Color Show Graffiti Nail Polish in the shade mentioned or any desired shade.

Step 4. Let your nail polish dry.

Step 5. Apply transparent nail polish on top in case you desire extra sheen.

P.S. We skipped the transparent top coat.

Day One
Day Eight

This color has lasted on our nails for 8 days and is still intact 😀

These nail polishes come in cute round-ish bottles with an excellent application brush, which is neither too big nor too small. Their price is Rs. 145 and the quantity provided is 6 ml.

You can click here to buy these nail polishes.


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