Goodbye Pigmentation, Hello Gorgeous Lips

Dark pigmented lips are a thing of the past now. Get a lovely kissable pout at home with these lip masks.

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Unless you’re into Gothic makeup, I doubt dark pigmented lips are your thing. But if you pulled the dark lip gene card, do not bite your pout anxiously. You’re just worsening the situation. Ah, no, stop. Dark just got darker, darling.

But what causes dark lips? Like I said earlier, bad genes could be a reason. If everyone in your family has never had pink lips, then chances are that nothing you could do could’ve prevented it from happening with you. Sorry.

Besides that, bad habits like heavy smoking or an unhealthy diet could be the cause behind pigmented lips. Maybe you just get out in the sun too often and forget to apply sunscreen on your lips.

Either way, instead of fretting over it more, try a natural lip mask. All the ingredients are sitting at home and you just need to raid your kitchen.

#1 Yoghurt and cucumber lip mask

The cooling and healing power of cucumber and yoghurt is a known de-pigmentor. The lactic acid in yoghurt acts as a natural exfoliating agent, and the cucumber soothes and lightens skin.

-Mix ½ teaspoon each of cucumber juice and yoghurt (organic or homemade preferably).

-Add a drop of honey to the blend.

-Apply this yummy mix to your lips (no, don’t lick it off even if you love the taste!).

-Wash if off after 20 minutes.

-Do this regularly and soon you will see the pigmentation disappear.

If you are also wondering at this point how to get pink lips naturally, well, let us tell you, these home remedies will help you get those envious pink lips eventually!

#2 Fuller’s earth and honey

You can also make a lip patch mask using Fuller’s earth (multani mitti) and honey. We all know the beauty benefits of multani mitti. It exfoliates, heals and soothes. And honey is one of nature’s most famous softening agents.

-Make paste with half a teaspoon each of Fuller’s earth and honey.

-Smear this mix on your lips.

-Let it stay for 15-20 minutes.

-Wash it off with water.

-Repeat this daily and your pigmentation will gradually lighten.

#3 Sugar and olive oil

Now we will talk about making a lightening mask for lips using granulated sugar and olive oil. Both these ingredients should be available in your kitchen. (If you don’t have any, you should go and sit in the corner until we call you out.) Sugar is tasked with exfoliating while olive oil lightens skin.

-In a small bowl pour a teaspoon of olive oil.

-Add just a pinch of granulated sugar to this.

-Mix it up well and smear it on your lips.

-Rub vigorously, but gently, for 2-3 minutes.

-Leave it on for 15 minutes while you get your bath ready.

-Wash it off.

The combination of sugar and olive oil will leave you with baby soft lips that are ready to be kissed.

Use these tricks to get rid of existing dark pigmentation. And to prevent a recurrence, continue with the masks, but also use an enriching and skin-safe product like Olay for a cute pout.

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