Hong Kong Trip – My Ideal Yatra

My Ideal Yatra

This one’s a trip that I did to Hong Kong along with my husband, in April this year. Want to know why it was My Ideal Yatra? Keep reading!

Because both of us are working from home currently, we had the opportunity to be able to quickly pack our bags and leave for the airport on a Sunday night. I can’t even begin to tell you that feeling of not having to worry about leave applications and just go on your holiday, and squeeze in some work too, while your on it!

Our flight started from Mumbai to Delhi, and then from Delhi all the way to Hong Kong. International Flights can get a bit tiring and especially the late night ones. And not to forget the struggle between time zones is real. We reached Hong Kong pretty early morning, probably 6 am Hong Kong time and quickly found our way to the city bus that takes you from the Airport to Tsim Sha Tsui.

We got to the hotel and I was pleasantly surprised by the staff and hygiene. It was literally the moment of truth when we entered our bedroom and had the first glance – all the Trip Advisor reviews were actually totally completely true! This hotel was Butterfly on Prat Avenue. Location wise and other wise too, a great find.

For me, I don’t know the exact reason but somehow I love travelling to Asian countries. That’s particularly the reason I really wanted to go to Hong Kong. And also, because it has cheap and awesome shopping.

In terms of food, we are vegetarians. So initially I was quite scared of finding decent food. But let me tell you this – i ate not only Gujarati thali, but also South Indian Food here. And also probably the best Aloo Parathas I’ve eaten ever.

We visited a number of places – the Victoria Peak, the local markets and also witnessed the bustling night life in the span of 5 nights that we were in Hong Kong. The place just grows on you. People are quite nice, except that English can be a slight problem. Vendors in street markets are bargain friendly, so yes you can get that first copy that you have been thinking about. And the buzz in the small by lanes and pubs is just so mesmerizing.

We saw the beautiful Hong Kong Skyline on the first night there. Bustling with tall buildings and lights. It was a 20 minute walk for us but we decided to do that to be able to fit in some exercise.

The next day we decided to hit Victoria Peak. It was a rainy day and so we took the train from Tsim Sha Tsui and landed at the commercial part of Hong Kong. And the tram ride here up to the peak is everything. The slope is so evidently steep and all you can see around is nature and greenery.

Our evenings were spent in exploring various street markets and my favorite was the ladies market.

If I was to summarize our itinerary here, it was literally – Eat, Explore, Sleep.

Our flight back too was a smooth one. We were on Air India both ways. International Airlines do give that slightly added sense of comfort and somehow our Air India Flight was missing that – vegetarian and non vegetarian meals were mixed up, being polite was out of the question and so on. But I was super happy that I was returning from a lovely trip – tired yet refreshed.

This holiday to Hong Kong inspired me so much that I captured it in the form of a vlog. You can watch that below.

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