The most vibrant store in Kala Ghoda

India Circus Card Holder
India Circus very recently launched it’s store in Mumbai and the place is full of color, fun prints and so much more.

India Circus is Krsna Mehta’s very own brand and Godrej now has a majority stake in it. They have been selling their stuff online and now have their first flagshop store in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. I happened to be present on the launch day of this store and was pretty fascinated by the sheer vibrance that dominated the place.

The store itself is beautifully done – bright colors, beautiful merchandise and an amazing location. It basically has a lot going on for itself.

India Circus Store

India Circus is known for it’s designer and contemporary products which include fashion, home decor, furniture and a lot more stuff. So here you get to see their entire range on display.

A lot of things caught my eye but these specific ones, were those that I couldn’t get my eyes off!

This gorgeous glass – from the inside it looked like a typical steel glass. But the outside had this really quirky owl print, in a super bright color.

Even these pouches – they would just brighten up any boring drawer!

I also found these coasters on which I really wouldn’t forget to place my glass. I mean look at how interesting they are!

India Circus Coasters

I was extremely tempted to sit on both of these.

India Circus home decor

This couch, the pillow covers – I want them all!

India Circus Furniture

This beautiful ornate Shrinathji painting was the best of them all. It’s like watching Shrinathji in all his glory, studded so beautifully.

India Circus Paintings

Price-wise, I would say that India Circus is one of the more affordable designer stores. Their mugs start at Rs.400, Wallets cost Rs.1000 and Phone covers about Rs.600. They have a lot more items which you can check out on their website.

India Circus Fashion

But here are a few that I have seen and loved. Check them out!

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Stay tuned for my next post. XOXO

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