It’s Skin Sheet Mask Review – ROSE SHEET MASK

It' Skin Sheet Mask
My first It’s Skin Sheet Mask Review and since this is a Korean skin care brand, I’m super excited.

I came across It’s Skin Sheet Mask on Amazon and I instantly added it to my cart. They had this offer where they were selling 5 sheet masks for Rs.299 and I thought it was a great price.

It’s Skin Sheet Masks have many variants, however I am always attracted to Rose as an ingredient and fragrance in skin care products. Somehow beauty products that have rose in them have a very calming effect. Rose water, rose tinted lip balms and even this sheet mask!

This Rose Sheet Mask claims to deliver moisturized, glowing rosy skin. And they also claim to have a few fresh and natural ingredients in the mask.

The It’s Skin Sheet Mask in Rose does provide a hydrated nourished feeling. The sheet mask itself is drenched in serum and is very moisturizing, especially for dry skin. I don’t exactly know what they mean by ‘rosy glowing skin’. Because for me that’s a healthy flushed look, which doesn’t happen with this mask. However, it does what a sheet mask is supposed to do – give a beautiful plumping effect to the skin and make it look extremely healthy and hydrated.

I recommend buying the It’s Skin Sheet Mask in Rose. Works well on all skin types, including oily and sensitive skin. Click here to buy the product from Amazon.

It’s Skin also has various other skin care products. However, I’m quite excited to try out more sheet masks from them. You can check these out too.

Here is a guide to using sheet masks effectively.

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