Jean Claude Biguine Review

This is a review of the manicure and pedicure at the Jean Claude Biguine Salon in Palladium mall, Lower Parel. Jean Claude Biguine is a luxury salon providing all kinds of services – right from haircuts, to hair color to acrylic nails and everything else that you can imagine. We tried out the manicure and pedicure here. If you want to know about our experience then continue reading our Jean Claude Biguine review.



Price – Rs.850 (excluding service tax)

Duration – About 40 minutes

Type – Basic Manicure

The basic manicure at the Jean Claude Biguine Salon is good. The therapist who was attending to me, Hage first started by taking off the previous nail paint with a remover, that was seemingly acetone free. (The ones with acetone usually leave a whitish residue around the nail, even after wiping)

She then filed my nails, after asking me the shape preference. My nails were quite uneven and so I decided to make them uniform length as per the shortest nail. Then the usual manicure process followed. The filing and cleaning process was done very well. In some salons the staff end up filing nails and not checking if the shape is good or not, but here this was taken care of. Even the massage that followed the manicure was good.

If you are looking for a fuss free, hygienic manicure experience, and don’t mind shelling out some extra (probably double than regular cost) bucks for it, then you can try the basic Manicure at the Jean Claude Biguine Salon.



Price – Rs.950 (excluding service tax)

Duration – About an hour

Type – Basic Pedicure

The basic pedicure at the Jean Claude Biguine Salon is actually totally worth the price. Yes its probably 40-50% more than the cost of a regular pedicure, but we recommend it.

The level of hygiene and the pedicure process is really good. The best part is the dead skin removal process. They use a machine which very easily scrapes off all the dead skin from the feet, leaving them extremely soft and smooth. For hygiene even the elastic that touches the foot is a disposable one.

If you don’t mind spending for really soft smooth feet then we recommend the basic Pedicure at the Jean Claude Biguine salon.

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Do let us know your experience if you try out the manicure and / or pedicure at the Jean Claude Biguine salon. If you have any other recommendations for us about some great salons then do let us know by posting in the comments section.

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