A Layover in Hong Kong

Layover In Hong Kong
Wondering what to do in a 12 hour layover in Hong Kong?

I spent my time shopping and sight-seeing during my layover in Hong Kong. You can watch the video here:

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Hong Kong is the perfect shopping destination. So I would never mind even a short layover in Hong Kong because you can very easily get to the city and start experiencing the place. You can check for trnasit tours that are available on arrival at Hong Kong airport. But because I’ve been to the place earlier, I decided to head out on my own. The airport transit tours include the Big Buddha, some street markets and also other parts of Hong Kong.

Layover In Hong Kong

You can take a bus / metro to get to Tsim Sha Tsui and once you are there you can use the MTR to go to any market you like. I personally love the Mong Kok Ladies Market – it is the perfect place to buy inexpensive yet trendy clothes. I also love shopping at Bossini and Sasa to get the best of casual wear and beauty deals.

Visiting the Hong Kong Harbor is something that I absolutely love. They even have a ferry service which can turn out to be a beautiful one. Especially in the evening, it can be a very scenic ride.

Layover In Hong Kong

That was it from my layover in Hong Kong. I hope this was helpful. If you want more information on Hong Kong then watch some of my previous videos from there.

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