Legging and jegging combo for winters

Comfort is one of the most important aspects of clothing. In winters, you need comfort along with warmth and snugness. This applies to both tops and bottoms. Warm clothing ensures you are not handicapped in your movement and availability anywhere when it’s cool outside. There are all kinds of tops that are worn during winter as there is the addition of a sweater, winter coats for ladies too. This takes care of comfort, warmth and snug clothing for the upper half of the body. It is the bottom half that is most overlooked. This post is all about keeping your bottom half well dressed for winters.

I have personally used leggings and jeggings to a great benefit during winters. Every year just before winters set in, I go shopping for  leggings online. There is a range of leggings that are made out of thick cotton with a little bit of spandex to ensure a good snug fit and warm clothing for the bottoms department. There are woolen mixed leggings that are available in the market now. For a legging lover like me, it’s like news from heaven! Another must check out section for early winter shopping is the jeggings online shopping section.

Jeggings are another set of bottoms that are an absolute must for winters. The thickness of the fabric used in most jeggings is a natural support system for warm clothing. However, it is important to check how much of the fabric percentage is good quality denim. This makes for a world of difference in the way the fabric sits on you over a period of use.

Both leggings and jeggings count high on the snug factor that is much needed in winter clothing. Paired with the right kind of footwear and tops/coats/sweaters, these bottoms not only create a winning and comfortable look but also keep you absolutely warm.

When choosing footwear for leggings and jeggings, ensure that you are equipping your wardrobe with shoes that cover the ankles. This is especially for winters and hence the need to keep the whole of your body covered. A couple of good pair of thick woolen socks will complete the warm factor for your feet. Thick-soled shoes that cover the toes to the heels are a must to have in winters. When choosing footwear it is important to choose the ones that will allow room for our socks. For places where the winters can get slushy, high boots, wellington boots, and calf boots go extremely well with leggings.

Boot up your legging or jegging look this winter along with some long sweater tops, scarves and belts. This is a combination of clothing and accessory pairing that is sure little-exposed turn some heads while you go around your business being smart and warm. Do not miss out on the basics of skin care to ensure the little exposed parts of your body are also taken care of during winters. After all clothing complement but cannot cover everything!


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