Linus Hair Strengthener Serum

Linus Hair Strengthener Serum
I am pretty skeptical about trying out new Hair Products. But the Linus Hair Strengthener Serum has made it to my current haircare routine.

Linus Hair Strengthener Serum has been in my bathroom for almost a month now. Because I have a sensitive oily scalp, I stay away from a few things – too much product in my hair, heat and styling, silicone based hair products. I happened to try the all natural formula of the Linus Hair Strengthener and thought it was really good. Keep reading for a detailed review and experience.


Linus Hair Strengthener Serum

Price – Rs.650

Size – 15ml

Product Claims

Linus Hair Strengthener Serum claims to reduce hairfall and hair breakage, by strengthening from the root to the tip.


Linus Hair Strengthener Serum

All of the ingredients in the product are 100% natural and don’t include any chemicals and/or preservatives.

Lavendula, commonly known as lavender improves blood circulation, promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Cupressus, commonly knows as cypress oil strengthens hair follicles.

Salvia Sclarea or clary sage oil helps also prevents hair loss.


Linus Hair Strengthener Serum has a really strong scent of lavender. The minute you open the bottle, the lavender scent is all over. I personally don’t mind the scent at all. In fact, the scent is so strong that in tends to overpower any shampoo fragrance as well.

Texture and Color

Linus Hair Strengthener Serum

The product is transparent in color. It looks like a clear, thin scented oil.


Linus Hair Strengthener Serum

Linus Hair Strengthener Serum comes in a glass bottle. It’s got the logo on one side and product details on the other. It’s got 2 lids – one that is a normal bottle lid and the other that comes with a rubber dropper to help pour out the correct amount of serum easily.


Linus Hair Strengthener Serum

So a disclaimer here – I don’t have massive hairfall. But i do occasionally lose some strands, especially while oiling and washing hair and also closer to that time of the month. And I’m also pretty regular in oiling my hair. I do have a really greasy scalp and so I was extremely worried if this would make my scalp any more greasy than it already is. But to be honest, my scalp didn’t get any oilier than it already is or any faster than it already gets.

What I notice is that from the first wash itself, the Linus Hair Strengthener Serum adds a good amount of shine to the hair. My hair looked really glossy, thanks to the all natural ingredients.

Coming to the main objective of the product, I did see a slight decrease in hairfall. I used the product for almost a month and definitely saw fewer and fewer strands in my hair brush with every passing wash. I won’t say it completely eliminated the hairfall, but it does work on reducing it.

I also saw a fair bit of reduction in hair breakage, which makes my hair look healthier overall.

Directions for Use

Linus Hair Strengthener Serum

Take about 10-12 drops of serum of you have super long hair and mix it with your shampoo, in the palm of your hand. So you need to add these drops once you have removed the shampoo in your palm. Just blend it and shampoo, giving your scalp a good massage for a couple of minutes. And then just leave on the shampoo and serum on your scalp for about 1-2 minutes and rinse well.

If you have shorter hair length, you will need lesser drops of serum


  • All natural ingredients
  • Cruelty free
  • Beautiful fragrance
  • Makes hair shiny
  • Reduces hairfall and hair breakage


  • Glass bottle can break, especially if your palm in wet and it slips

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Final Word

I would recommend you to try this product.

I hope this was helpful. Do let me know if you have any product suggestions or if you need me to review a specific item in the comments below.

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