Lotus Whiteglow Cleansing Milk – Review

We’re back with another review and this time it’s for a new cleansing milk we tried. This is the Lotus Whiteglow Cleansing Milk. We tried this one for a month and have finally done a review. Check it out!

Price – Rs.225
Size – 80ml.
Available online on www.Amazon.in


Lotus Whiteglow Cleansing Milk comes in a white plastic bottle. The cap is translucent. The product comes out of the applicator pump. This becomes quite convenient. 



The active natural ingredients include Bearberry, Green Tea, Mulberry, Saxifraga, Grape Extracts and Milk Enzymes. The other ingredients do include parabens which is something that is better avoided. 



The product is light weight. It is white in color, like most other cleansing milks. And it does have a very strong, floral scent going on. 



The Lotus Whiteglow Cleansing Milk is not very greasy. It wipes off makeup to almost 80%. But when you have a full face of makeup on, it would be recommended to go over with a foaming facial wash to get everything out. This product however doesn’t live up to any of its claims on whitening, which is alright. So we recommend buying it to use as a regular cleanser. 

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