MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow – Review & Guide

MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow – Review & Guide | Brownluxe

In this post we are reviewing the MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow in Brownluxe and also presenting a guide on how to use the shades. Keep Reading 🙂

We’re a big fan of eyeshadows by MAC Cosmetics and so happy that we got the MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion one. They are super pigmented and quite long lasting. Their smooth finish helps blend them easily. The eyeshadows come in a wide range of shades and textures. The shades are super chic and we wish we owned them all!

When the wedding season was up we needed a few eyeshadows in the gold/ brown family (basically warm colors). So we went to the MAC store at Palladium Mall (High Street Phoenix), Mumbai and started our hunt. The in-charge at the store suggested that we go for a palette of five shades instead of buying individual eyeshadows as all the colors would be in one palette and the cost would turn out to be much lower. Great deal indeed!

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The palette is called MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow and consists of colors that fall in the Brownluxe range. The colors are:

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1. A pearl white kind of color with shimmer particles.

This shade is ideal for highlighting the brow bone, the inner corners of the eyes and the high points of the cheekbones. Thus it is an eyeshadow cum highlighter.

It can also be used as a color on the eyelid for medium to fair skin   tones. On darker skin tones it might seem a little too white. 

2. A coppery-beige color with slight shimmer.

This shade is almost matte as the shimmer will be visible only in high amounts of white light or flash photography. This color can be used on the eyelid or for a subtle crease definition. It is also a great transition shade in case of half smokey eyes. A transition shade is used to reduce the appearance of harsh lines and to depict smooth flow of eyeshadow from light to dark.

This shade can be an excellent nude eyeshadow for medium to dark skin tones.

3.  A gold color.

This resembles the famous “Amber Lights” eyeshadow by MAC. This is a pure Indian bridal gold color with loads of shimmer in it. An excellent shade to wear on the entire eyelid or on the inner two-thirds of the eyelid in case of half-smokey eyes.

4.  A metallic brown color with shimmer particles.

This is a great color for a subtle half-smokey (outer one-third of the lid) and a metallic brown smokey. Usually matte colors are preferred in case of defining the outer third of the eye. But if used along with the gold shade it will add the needed dimension since the gold shade has a lot more shimmer as compared to the brown.

This shade can also be used to define the crease. However, it will give a more dramatic look as compared to the crease definition done with the coppery-beige color (mentioned in 2).

5.  A dark brown (almost black) shade.

Like the above, this shade too can be used in case of half smokey and full smokey eyes. However, this is darker than the above mentioned brown and hence will give a much more dramatic look.

Both the brown shades (mentioned in 4 and 5) can be used to smoke out the lower and upper lash line as well. They can also be used instead of kohl or kajal or eyeliner in cases where you want a more subtle undefined line.

Price- Rs. 3100
Net Quantity- 4 gm
Expiry- 3 years from manufacture
Our Take

MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadowcake1 edit

This is indeed a great deal for the price. The variety and the quantity of shades provided is just right and thus makes this palette suitable for personal use. It is a great investment for professional bridal makeup artists too, who are just starting out, as most bridal colors fall in this palette without being too heavy on the pocket.

These eyeshadows last for a good six to eight hours on my face. I have slightly oily eyelids. For someone with extremely oily eyelids, they may last for about four to five hours. Try to use your favorite oil control technique- eye primers, concealers or loose powder- and these shadows will last until you take off your makeup.

Hope this was helpful. Which eyeshadows are your favorite? Let us know via comments.

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