Mamaearth Face Wash Review – Tea Tree Oil & Ubtan Facewash

Mamaearth fACE WASH
Mamaearth face wash range has about three variants and in this post I am talking about 2 of them.

Reviewing the Tea Tree Oil and the Ubtan face wash from the Mamaearth face wash range in the video below. Watch now!

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Mamaearth face wash

Talking about the Tea Tree Face wash from the Mamaearth face wash range, this one’s honestly perfect for summer. Tea Tree oil is known for its anti-acne and anti-inflammatory properties. So it works like magic in the summer. With heat, skin tends to get rashes and smaller break outs which can be brought under control with regular use of the Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash.

Main ingredients in this face wash are Tea Tree and Neem and both are very effective in dealing with skin troubles.

Even the Ubtan facewash is perfect for summer. It has tan removing properties which make it perfect for anyone who has a high level of sun exposure. And the best part is that it almost works like a mild exfoliator, which is gentle enough for everyday use.

Main ingredients in this face wash are Turmeric and Saffron and both are known for their effectiveness in brightening skin.

Mamaearth face wash

For me both these facewashes were very effective. I usually end up using the Ubtan face wash when I have had a full day of wearing makeup and want to pamper my skin with a bit extra TLC. And the Tea Tree face wash is the perfect everyday face wash. Both of these are suitable for sensitive, oil and combination skin.

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Hope this article was helpful. Do let me know about your experience of using Mamaearth products in the comments below.

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