Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Body Lotion – Review

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I love fruity scents – especially in my body lotions. So i tried out the Mango Mandarin body lotion from Bath & Body works this time. I must say this impulse buy is something that I am truly appreciating right now!

Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Body Lotion

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Quantity – 236ml

Price – Rs.2603 on Amazon

If you’re in Mumbai, I recommend you to buy this from Beauty & More Khar, New Beauty Centre Khar, Beauty Centre Crawford Market or Beautiful Lokhandwala for a better deal. 

Why buy this?

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With so many different variants available in India for body lotions, you buy this because you either love Bath & Body Works already or because you want to try a new variant in fruity body lotions, and don’t mind spending some more on it.

What I love about Mango Mandarin body lotion?

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The scent

The texture

The moisturized, soft feeling

Not tested on animals


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Mango Mandarin body lotion comes in a plastic bottle, with a silver cap. You need to push to get the product out.


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This is a body lotion, but unlike others is quite thick and creamy in consistency. I like that it’s not over watery. The color is a very faint orange. 


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The lotion smells like its name suggests – Mango & Mandarin. Its a sweet, fruity mix of both these fruits and is not overly tangy. 

Final word

As I mentioned before, if you don’t mind splurging, then go for this. Bath & Body works also has many other variants in this segment which you could try, in case you are not fond of this kind of scent. Check them out below:



Let me know about your favorite body lotion in the comments below and also why it works for you. 

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