Maybelline Rose Poudre Superstay Gel Nail Polish – Review & Swatches

Maybelline Rose Poudre
Maybelline Rose Poudre is one shade that I had my eyes on since a really long time. Want to know my experience when I finally got down to using it? The keep reading!

I’m reviewing the Maybelline Rose Poudre shade, from the Superstay Gel Nail Polish collection. I’ve used other shades from this range too. But in particular, this shade happens to be my favorite.


Maybelline Rose Poudre

The color itself is a pretty mauvey pink color. It can be classified as a beautiful cool toned, pinky nude. It has an underlying mauve vibe, but isn’t too dull.






Maybelline Rose Poudre

It comes in the same transparent bottle, which is common across a lot of Maybelline Nail Polishes. The cap is white and you can easily twist to access the product. I like this bottle shape, because it can very easily slide in corners of a drawer or a closet. The brush in this one is amazing – at least for someone with either fake nails, or slightly broader nails naturally. It’s a wider and a little rounded brush, so it really helps in getting a perfectly neat application around the edges.

Maybelline Rose Poudre

Lasting Power

Maybelline Rose Poudre

Although this is supposed to be a gel nail polish and last for 7 days, it barely lasts for 3-4 days on my nails. And this is a common factor across the whole range. I find that with housework, it can get really difficult to have a nailpolish stay on your nails for that long. The first day when you apply it, the nailpolish looks really pretty and shiny – that nice gel effect that we all love. That doesn’t fade away instantly, but by day 4/5 you will have a little bit of chips and a faded color.

Do I recommend buying the Maybelline Rose Poudre?

Maybelline Rose Poudre

So if you are ok spending that kind of money on a single nail polish, which lasts as long as a regular nailpolish, then yes you can go ahead and buy it. This particular shade is gorgeous and the finish, I have to say is really flawless. But you probably could find something close in a slightly cheaper option. And may be non-gel too. A lot of Nykaa Polishes have a gel like finish and have such beautiful nudes. So I would honestly recommend going for any of those.

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