Morning Beauty Routine

A morning beauty routine is essential if you want healthy, glowing skin.

Taking care of your skin means lesser skin damage, controlled ageing and nourished skin. While Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing (CTM) is a basic in skin care, we thought to share our tried and tested CTM practice with you. Keep reading for a very easy morning beauty routine, which is also followed by us. 

Step 1
Splash your face with cold water multiple times

We read this in a Korean skin care routine and started following it thereafter. Splashing face with water continuously for about one minute firstly wakes you up! Cold water helps close skin pores and make the appearance of larger pores appear smaller. It also has tightening properties, thereby preventing ageing. 

Step 2
Massage a cleansing lotion / cream on your face


You might feel that this step is not important if you have cleansed your face before sleeping at night; however its important to clean skin again after waking up so as to remove any residue from skin care used at night or even left over makeup. Take a small amount of cleanser and massage it into your skin for about a minute. Then take a cotton ball and wipe it off. 

We’re currently using this Boots Fragrance Free cleanser. This one is mild and suitable for all skin types. 

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Step 3
Scrub your face

You might feel scrubbing your face daily may not be the best; however here we are recommending using a very gentle homemade scrub. As long as you are not using something extremely granular or hard, scrubbing daily is alright. 


Take some gram flour (besan), turmeric powder (haldi) and some sandalwood powder and put this mix in a plastic container and store in your skin care / bathroom area. This will ensure you don’t waste time in getting the ingredients together everyday and also remind you of this step! You can find sandalwood powder from organic brands online or source it at your neighbourhood religious supply store. In case you have difficulty in sourcing sandalwood powder, then you can omit it from this scrub and use only gram flour and turmeric. 

After the cleansing step, take some of this mixture and add a few drops of water to it, until its a paste and scrub your face and neck gently for about a minute. Once you are done then wash your face with plain water. 

Gram flour is known for its natural cleansing properties. It  also is a natural way of reducing facial hair.Turmeric is known to cure any kind of skin allergies and impurities and also help with anti ageing. Sandalwood powder soothes acne and gives a nice glow. 

Amongst the other benefits, you will notice that the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads is lesser on your face. You will also find your skin softer and glowing. 

Step 4

After all the cleansing and scrubbing we tone the skin using a natural ingredient. All you need is some pure and natural Rose Water. Spritz some on your face and pat into the skin using your fingertips or a cotton ball. Once it is absorbed into the skin you can use any moisturizer you like. 

rose water

Currently we’re using this Kama Ayurveda Pure Rosewater. This one is nice if you are looking for an organic solution. We also recommend Dabur Gulabari.

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This morning beauty routine is suitable for all skin types. The products that you can use may differ as per skin – but the overall method remains the same. Do try this out and let us know what you think. Leave your comments, queries, thoughts in the comments section below. 


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  1. Wow.. this works wonders.. My skin feels so good with besan and haldi scrub..
    The overall process leaves it soft and supple..
    With an extremely hectic schedule, it gets almost impossible for me to follow up with parlours, spas and even daily skin/hair care at times..
    But these simple and easy steps encourage me to follow them 🙂
    Thank you so much 😀 .. Keep up the good work..

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