MyDidi Review – The Real Experience

I recently had the opportunity of trying out services from MyDidi which is a website that helps you book a ‘didi’ to help sort your life. What that means is that you can get some help, albeit professional to assist you in your household chores.

About MyDidi

MyDidi helps you book on demand assistance for all your household and commercial cleaning needs. You can use their site or their app to quickly book a service.

What are the services available?

Services available include all kinds of cleaning – whether it’s kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. It could also mean helping you clean your upholstery, cupboards and cabinets and even offices. Only thing you need to note is that they don’t clean electronic items except a fridge from the inside and that they don’t wash clothes. Other than that, you can expect them to help you with anything.

How does this work?

So once you decide the kind of service you need, you can choose a plan. You can either select 1 person or 2 people and pay them by the hour. You also have the option of choosing as per broader service category like Household Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Deep Cleaning.

What did I think of the services of MyDidi


I decided to go in for the Deep Cleaning Service from MyDidi. So after picking out my preferred day and time slot, I got a text message with the name of the people who would be doing the service. They arrived slightly before time. And I was made to understand that for Deep Cleaning Services it may not always be a lady, as this can be a more vigorous cleaning.


The 2 people that came in from MyDidi were fully equipped to take charge of my kitchen cleaning. They had everything – from micro fiber cloth to a scrubber. And even a vaccum cleaner! And their potent cleansing liquids seemed very powerful indeed. They immediately got on the task and starting scrubbing my kitchen left, right and center and ensured every spot was taken care of. They even picked out the crockery safely and put it back once the space was all clean.


After about an hour, my kitchen was completely spotless.


  • Professional Staff
  • They come with their own cleaning equipment
  • Excellent Service
  • Kind and courteous



Do I recommend their service?


Absolutely YES! If your regular house help hasn’t arrived or you need a little bit of extra help, i definitely recommend using MyDidi.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it was helpful. Do let me know if you book a service from MyDidi. It would be great to know how it went for you.

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  1. We had booked the intensive deep cleaning services with bathroom cleaning from mydidi. Extremely unhappy with the services. They had sent 18yr old boys with one supervisor. None of them had a clue as to how to go about cleaning a house. WE had to point out common sense things like cleaning kitchen tiles with wet cloth, throwing the water that was used to wipe floor tiles, etc. We had specifically asked if our floors would be scrubbed before we opted for this service. There was no uniform or any sort of identification that anyone carried nor were the workers hygienic. They actually made my house dirtier than it was already i feel. Only thing that they did properly was clean the glass surfaces of my home. A total waste of Rs. 6500.

    1. OMG thats pretty unfortunate. I had a really good experience and was in fact planning to call them over again. But ill be cautious after reading this.

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