New Whisper Ultra Soft Review

Hi guys! I was fortunate to be able to attend the launch of the New Whisper Ultra Soft Sanitary Napkin in Mumbai. It was a fun event and I even got to meet Radhika Apte there!

New Whisper Ultra Soft

The New Whisper Ultra Soft is claimed to be the softest pad yet. So anyone who has sensitivity issues, needs to get their hands on this immediately.

New Whisper Ultra Soft

Present at the launch was a very senior member from Whisper’s international product development team who actually gave us a complete breakdown on the New Whisper Ultra Soft. It was amazing to see actually how soft the product feels, and yet provides complete absorption.

Gynaecologist Nandita Palshetkar also was present and she gave us tips on hygiene practices that one must follow during their periods.

New Whisper Ultra Soft

One thing, that I think all women understand and agree with is the need for added comfort during those days. While it’s not always possible to completely rest it out, anything that aids in extra comfort is always welcome. And this was even voiced by Radhika Apte. And the New Whisper Ultra Soft claims to solve this need.

Product Claims

New Whisper Ultra Soft

2 times softer for that extra gentle feel

Odour free pearls that capture and lock period odour


You get the New Whisper Ultra Soft in 2 sizes – Large (284mm) and Extra Large (317mm)


New Whisper Ultra Soft

Rs.64 for 7 pads of size Large

Rs.160 for 15 pads of size Extra Large


New Whisper Ultra Soft

The New Whisper Ultra Soft comes in a pink pack. Even the inside cover of the pad is baby pink color. As soon as you open the inside wrapper, it gives a pretty fresh smelling fragrance.


New Whisper Ultra Soft

I have sensitive skin and for me by the 3rd day of my period, I’m usually close to developing a rash. And this is not really because of moisture, but because my skin can’t really deal with the friction from the pad. As such, the New Whisper Ultra Soft becomes extremely beneficial. It is extremely comfortable and very well suited for my hyper-sensitive skin.

New Whisper Ultra Soft

I also thought that because this is really soft, may be the pad might be slightly thicker. But that is so not the case. The pad is really thin, and combining that with the ‘ultra soft’ aspect, it’s very high on feeling at ease during those days.

Another thing that I like about the New Whisper Ultra Soft is that it has a very fresh fragrance. Even when you have been using the pad for a couple of hours, there barely any period odour which just ensures that you feel fresh.

Do I recommend the New Whisper Ultra Soft?

Yes! I absolutely do. For anyone who has sensitive skin, this is a must try. Also it gives you that added sense of freshness and comfort while you are on the go which makes this a mandatory item in my bag during that time of the month.

Buy the New Whisper Ultra Soft here

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Do try out the New Whisper Ultra and let me know what you think of it.


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