Nude Glitter Nails!

The trend of nude glitter nails is something we’ve been seeing a lot on Instagram and so we thought of trying it out!

We used these nail polishes in the Maybelline Color Show range.PicsArt_1441537863753The size of these nail polishes is just right. It’s quite tedious to buy a big bottle and trying to finish it takes forever. However these small bottles are the perfect size.

The nude shade is priced at Rs.100 and the glitter shade is priced at Rs.145. Both the bottles are about 6ml.

PicsArt_1441537957668Shades we used:

Nude Skin – 015

All that Glitters – 601

Nude Skin 015 – This shade is quite nice – not too brown and not too pink either. While buying this, we also came across a nude shade in Colorbar (don’t remember the shade name) but that was almost bordering on towards light brown. Also this was cheaper!

All that Glitters 601 – This is a great matte glittery shade. Its a nice champagne kind of color – not overly gold and bright. Matte glitter polishes look really nice and kind of add a glam touch to a regular nail color.

The finish of Maybelline Color Show nail polishes is excellent. They are not very thin or thick, and dry easily and dont show gapsĀ in the second coat, like some others do. Even the brush of the polish is the perfect size; sometimes polishes have a bigger brush and that gets the polish on the skin very easily.


If you want your nails to LookLikeThis, then just follow this easy guide:

Step 1

Take off any earlier polish that you may have and ensure your nails are sparkling clean. If needed you can file and buff your nails as well.

Step 2

Use any base coat of your choice

Step 3

Apply 2 coats of the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in the shade Nude Skin. Let it dry between coats. You can apply the polish to all of your fingers except either the ring finger or the index finger as we have done.

Step 4

Apply 2 coats of the Maybelling Color Show Nail Polish in the shade All that Glitters on the finger that is without color. Let it dry between coats.

Step 6

Finish with a coat of a transparent polish as your top coat.

You can buy both these nail polishes here:

All that Glitters

Nude Skin

Let us know what you think of this. If you have other trends then do share them with us so we can try them as well! Like, comment and share.




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