Nykaa Skin Secrets Sheet Mask
Reviewing the Nykaa Skin Secrets Sheet Mask in this post. So if you are a sheet mask junkie, then keep reading!

Nykaa Skin Secrets Sheet Mask comes in 12 different variants and in this video I’m trying one of them and also sharing the best way to use a sheet mask. Watch!

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Nykaa Skin Secrets Sheet Mask

Everyone in the world is currently crazy about Sheet Masks. And thanks to Korean skincare being s widespread, these masks are now available almost everywhere. Nykaa is one of the first few Indian brands to start their own line of Sheet Masks. But what is interesting is how they have blended natural and very ancient Indian ingredients into this international trend. Almond and yogurt, lemon and honey, tea tree and aloe vera, avocado and moringa, turmeric and coconut, gooseberry and papaya are just some of the few combinations that they have. Each of these sheet masks has its own beneficial properties – some help in brightening, de-tan and so on. But the one thing that all sheet masks do is provide ample hydration to the skin.

Each of the Nykaa Skin Secrets Sheet Mask costs Rs.100. However, Nykaa keeps running bundle offers and promotions so you should try and get yourself a few during that time.

For me the Nykaa Skin Secrets Sheet Mask does work. I love the ingredient range – very suitable across skin types. And these sheet masks come drenched in serum and provide that instant moisture boost to the skin. So skin feels more vibrant.

Nykaa Skin Secrets Sheet Mask

I would recommend using these sheet masks as a regular facial mask, or before wearing makeup on a special occasion. They even work well when applied just before bed time.

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