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Quirky Print Tee
Ever since I picked up this cute quirky print tee from Forever 21, I haven’t been able to put it down 🙂

I love printed tees, especially a good quirky print tee. So when I recently visited Forever21, I was so excited to such interesting prints.

Casual comfortable clothing is my thing. So when it comes to everyday dressing, I love a soft, well fitted tee. And because it’s summer, fabric takes extreme priority. It can’t be too thick, at the same time it shouldn’t be see through. So this one seemed like a really nice soft cotton. And it was white, yet not see through.

I’ve been wanting an eyelash print tee for a while, but most of the one’s I’ve seen have been the standard eyes in the center print. I loved that this had an all over print.

And I teamed this up with these really basic, yet cool grey denims. Just to bring out the print a little bit more. A blue denim was kind of diluting it 🙂

Quirky Print Tee

So this is really my kind of chilled out OOTD. I hope you like it. I’ve picked out a few more Quirky Print Tee’s here for you. Do check them out.

Burger Print Tee

Quirky Print Tee Burger Print

Leave Me Alone Print Tee

Quirky Print Tee Leave ME aLONE

Dinosaur Print Tee

Quirky Print Tee

Penguin Print Tee

Quirky Print Tee Penguin Print

Guitar & Star Print Tee

Quirky Print Tee Guitar and Star Print

*The 5 tees above are all from Forever21

I am so tempted to get the Leave Me Alone and the Penguin Tee. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, don’t forget to check out some videos that I just posted 🙂

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