Rice Flour Face Mask

Rice Flour Face Mask
A really quick way to brighten skin is to use a Rice Flour Face Mask.

Actually, this rice flour face mask doubles up as a face scrub too. And also as a skin polisher.

Check out this video tutorial of how to do a rice flour face mask at home.

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Rice flour has a lot of benefits for the skin. It is a commonly used ingredient in Korean Skincare and is probably one of the reasons for the flawless glow that Korean women have. Here are a few known benefits of rice flour:

Natural Skin Lightening Properties

Helps Remove Tan


Natural Skin Polisher

Helps Tighten Pores

Removes Dead Skin

Rice Flour Face Mask

For Oily/Combination/Sensitive skin, I recommend mixing rice flour with rose water for a quick mask. But you can also make a rice flour face mask and mix it up with milk, honey and other floral water. You can even add in some tomato, cucumber or aloe vera if you want a little extra out of your rice flour face mask.

You can use rice flour for scrubs, or even as a cleanser or a face mist. Even rice water can be used as a face mist.

You also get a lot of skincare products in the market which easily bring the benefits of rice flour. Here are a few which I love:

I highly recommend using a rice flour face mask at least once a week. It takes care of dead skin, reveals brighter skin and also makes it look super polished. I love using this just before I apply any makeup. I find that when I do this, my makeup looks a lot better.

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