MAC Ruby Woo Review

This is probably the most talked about lipstick. Makeup artists swear by it, bloggers recommend it and it has and probably will continue to be a major best seller. We’re talking of a classic red lipstick – Ruby Woo by MAC. We tried it out and have reviewed it for you. Check out our MAC Ruby Woo review below!








Ruby Woo

This is a deep, red shade and is matte.


Swatch Lips

Swatch Shade

As you can see, the color is quite rich. The swatch on the hand is just with a single swipe. And the one on the lips is one layer of full application. 


MAC Lipsticks are known to be extremely pigmented. You can get an excellent color pay off with just one swipe. Same is the case with the MAC Ruby Woo.

Swatch Shade

What we think

The lipstick is extremely drying on the lips, as are most matte lipsticks. So it is advisable to have a thick layer of lip balm on the lips, before applying this lipstick on. Also in cooler weather, you might want to exfoliate your lips and then apply it, so that the lipstick appears smooth on the lips. 

The color is perfect for brides. It is a great shade of red, with neither a pinkish nor an orangeish undertone. It is just a pure, classic red lipstick!

MAC Ruby Woo suits all skin colors and can be worn for all kinds of occasions or even everyday. There are a lot of dupes in the market for MAC Ruby Woo, but if you love a rich red and are willing to spend then we totally recommend buying this lipstick. 

Do we recommend it?

Of course, YES! Worth the money. 

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Check out our makeup tutorial for the MAC Ruby Woo here


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