Scentio Facial Mask Review – Olive Firming Mask

Scentio Facial Mask
On one of my trips to Bangkok, I ended up buying different variants available in the Scentio Facial Mask series. Scentio products are available in Beauty Buffet stores in Thailand. Beauty Buffet is a Thailand based beauty and cosmetics chain. If you’ve been to any of their stores you know how cute everything is. The stores are beautifully lit up and everything is very neatly arranged. And you mostly end up getting an offer like Buy 1 Get 1 Free or Value Packs.

Here I’m going to be talking about my experience with the Olive Firming Mask from the Scentio Facial Mask range.


Scentio Facial Mask

The Olive Firming Facial Mask comes in this white, translucent plastic jar and has a pretty secure and tight lid. The packaging is in this tub form – which means you don’t have to put in effort in squeezing the mask out. The product is quite thick and creamy so this kind of tub is good. And these can totally be used for storing other things once your mask is over.


Here is the complete list of ingredients.

Scentio Facial Mask

This is a firming facial mask – so it needs to give the right amount of moisture to the skin to nourish it. Hence you can see ingredients like Bran Oil and Fruit Oil, along with Olive Oil that are known to make the skin soft and supple. It also contains Aloe extract and Cucumber extract which are known to be natural moisturizers.

Texture and Fragrance

Scentio Facial Mask

The mask almost looks like a flavored yoghurt tub! It’s that creamy! The color is a faint olive green color. The fragrance is really fresh – it’s neither too floral nor too strong. Just perfect. And the mask feels like a creamy clay layer. It’s consistency is pretty good and you won’t find it slipping off your face.

Product Claims

Scentio Facial Mask

  • Improves elasticity and moisture balance
  • Leaves skin firm, smooth, revitalized and younger looking
  • Gives a dewy fresh vibrance

Directions for Use

Scentio Facial Mask

Apply a generous layer evenly all over the face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Leave out the eyes and lips while applying.


Scentio Facial Mask

The mask doesn’t completely dry off – in the 15 minutes time it just solidifies slightly. And while taking off the mask, you do need a facial sponge. Else it can be quite a task to wipe your face clean. The mask does leave the skin feeling moisturized and fresh. If your skin has been feeling dry, you almost can feel a surge of moisture after using this mask. It doesn’t make the skin super oily – just a healthy supple feeling. With regular use skin does look a bit more taut and polished.

Pros of the Olive Firming Facial Mask

Scentio Facial Mask

Smells good


Suitable for sensitive skin

Cons of the Olive Firming Facial Mask

Scentio Facial Mask

Not suitable for acne prone skin

Final Word

Scentio Facial Mask

We quite like the stuff from Beauty Buffet. And Scentio being their brand, this product is also one we like. The mask does as much as it says – makes skin appear fresh and dewy and more nourished. In that regard we think this is a good product. Do visit the Beauty Buffet Store if you visit Thailand. There’s one in MBK mall and that’s our favorite.

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