Shama Beauty Parlour Worli – Review

shama beauty parlour worli

Shama Beauty Parlour Worli – Review

Recently I thought of going to the salon to get some essentials like waxing done. I also thought of pampering a little bit by getting a facial, manicure, pedicure and a head massage. So I went to Shama Beauty Parlour in Worli. Read about my entire experience at Shama Beauty Parlour Worli here.

Services I got done:

Full Body Waxing (Arms, Underarms, Legs, Back, Stomach)

Price – Rs.3000 + tax


Facial – Minero Vegetal Treatment

Price – Rs.2350 + tax

Not recommended

Spa Pedicure

Price – Rs.1200 + tax


Paraffin Wax Treatment (added with Spa Pedicure)

Price – Rs.500 + tax



Price – Rs.600 + tax

Not recommended

Head Massage

Price – Rs.475 +tax

Not recommended

I went here without an appointment on a weekday noon. The parlour was completely empty. I mentioned to the receptionist all the services I would like to get done. And she said that we could begin with waxing immediately. I was happy as the painful process would get done first! The first thing the technician suggested that I go for was the chocolate wax. I am not a big fan of chocolate waxing so I always give that a pass. But I asked her if they had other flavors, and they didn’t. After this conversation, the therapist went in to get the waxing room ready and heat the wax and this entire process took about 30 minutes of waiting. But once we started, the waxing got over pretty quickly – probably 1.5hours for full body wax with only one technician is good time. 

Then it was time to get a facial. I asked them the different types of facial they have and the one that they recommend for sensitive skin. So the technician recommended a facial meant for whitening the skin and one meant to tighten the skin. And of course these were the most expensive ones. And also not really meant for sensitive skin as such. So i decided to go in for their basic facial which included a black Remy Laure mask. The facial process took slightly over an hour. The face massage included in this has been the worst every for me – there was a point I felt that the therapist was getting overly violent while massaging! For the price, the facial didn’t even yield that kind of a glow or anything. 

Next it was time for pedicure. And because I was getting it done after ages, I decided to go in for a Spa Pedicure which has a scrub and a fancy massage cream. And I also decided to add the Paraffin Wax treatment as this helps get rid of dry skin on feet. Simultaneously, I was also getting a basic manicure.  The manicurist asked me about the nail shape I would like, and I said it would be a rounded square – a square with not so sharp edges. But what she did was completely shorten my nails and make them square with the most pointed sides. And the problem was that while she kept filing, she kept trying to upsell some or the other thing – like a french manicure, french polish for feet, gel nails. Finally, when I made it apparent that she had totally messed my nails, the pedicurist stepped in to make them a bit proper. The pedicure was alright – the paraffin wax treatment makes a lot of difference. Another good thing – their nail colors are all Cuccio and i realized that these colors are very good and longlasting. 

Next it was time for my head massage. Let’s just say that the therapist seemed to be a complete first timer. When a head massage is painful because of hair being pulled and weird massage techniques then it’s difficult to feel relaxed! 

All in all, I don’t really recommend this place. There is a place called Changs quite close to this which is cheaper and much better. Go there instead. 

Do you have any salon recommendations in worli? Let me know and I would love to try them!

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