Sukho Thai Lower Parel – Review

Sukho Thai Lower Parel
I recently headed to Sukho Thai Lower Parel for a nice evening of pampering. I was extremely keen to try out their foot massage and thought of treating myself to one. This particular outlet is located in Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel in Skyzone.

Sukho Thai Lower Parel

As soon as I entered Sukho Thai Lower Parel, their calming vibe got the best of me. I had already booked my appointment and I was pretty sure that I wanted to stick to a foot massage treatment and nothing else.

Sukho Thai Lower Parel

The staff at Sukho Thai Lower Parel is also extremely kind and courteous. They immediately offer you water and provide a comfortable loose Thai pyjama that can be worn during the massage. They have designated rooms for changing and you can keep all your belongings in a little cane basket, so that you are absolutely not worrying about anything while in the massage.

Sukho Thai Lower Parel

The treatment I was going in for was the Traditional Thai Foot Massage that lasts for about an hour. The treatment is provided in their silent rooms, which have soothing music playing and are dimly lit to invoke the utmost amount of peace and relaxation. You are made to sit in comfortable reclining sofas and have a special cushioned stool that you can place your legs on. The therapist even covers you up with a blanket so as to keep the body warm during the therapy.

Sukho Thai Lower Parel

The therapy begins with a warm foot soak and they use a mild scrub to clean the feet as well. This is followed by a turn-by-turn foot and leg massage where they use traditional Thai techniques that help relax. Most of the massage is done by hand, barring just one wooden instrument used (which isn’t painful at all) on the sole. The therapist checks with you if you are able to handle the pressure or if you would want the massage to be more gentle. The final part of the therapy includes a head, neck, back and shoulder massage for about 10 minutes and also some good amount of guided stretching.

Sukho Thai Lower Parel

Once the therapy is over, you are presented with some warm herbal tea and some fresh fruits that include watermelon, dragon fruit, banana, kiwi, apple etc. They believe that the whole point of this therapy is to erase tension and make one’s mind and body peaceful. And fresh fruit is believed to have therapeutic properties when consumed¬†after a massage.

Sukho Thai Lower Parel

If I were to compare them with the traditional Thai massage places and technique that I have experienced on multiple visits to Bangkok, I definitely feel that they have a strong game going. For starters their technique is pretty similar. Even the ambience is quite similar, barring the uber comfortable leather recliners. The authentic Thai massage places are quite budget friendly and humble in appearance and have a wooden or a cane recliner instead. The real pinch is in the price. While a foot massage in Bangkok costs you Rs.500/600 approx. this ends up being pretty steep. The therapy I went for cost me Rs.1850 which is quite a price.

Final Word

Sukho Thai Lower Parel was definitely an experience for me. I truly enjoyed their Traditional Thai Massage and definitely recommend it. Because of the price it is not something that one can go for very regularly. But if there’s a time when you truly¬†want to pamper yourself you must go for it.

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