Summer Chappal – Comfortable Fashion for Women

My summer chappal collection deserves a wardrobe for itself!

Flipflops, or summer chappal as I like to call them, go with so many different outfits. In fact, do check out these picks from the latest chappal collection.

Summer fashion for me means being minimal and effortless. I would prefer natural fabrics, flowy silhouettes and very comfortable footwear. In fact, my choice is a chappal! It is easy to slip on, head out and walk around in. So whether its a beach vacay or a gorgeous island, everything can be explored wearing a chappal! So here are my favourite outfit ideas to pair with the summer chappals that I have. Take a look!

1) White dress and creamish-brown toned chappals

summer chappal 1

Summer means white dresses. There’s something about wearing white in summer – not only does it feel amazing, but also makes for stunning pictures! So pick out a nice white dress – preferably a cotton one, or one with nice cutouts or a flowy fabric. And team it with cream or brown flip flops. The chappals can have a little design or texture and also opt for a nice boho bag with the outfit.

2) Mix-n-Match your chappals & accessories

summer chappal 2

Team up your flowy summer dresses, maxis, skirts or linen pants with statement accessories. Rings, scarves, neckpieces – anything that adds a slight element. And try to mix-and-match your chappals with them too. So go for jute or brown toned and textured chappal with gold and rose gold jewellery. Or look for a similar colour element among the two.

3) Summer hats with chappals

summer chappal 3

Teaming up your chappals with different types of hats is always a good idea. Not only does it look stylish, but also helps in protecting the skin from the harmful summer sun. A co-ordinated hat and chappal look is always a great idea. Pick easy shades like white, cream, brown or black that go with multiple outfits.

4) Basic chappal look

summer chappal 4

I like the basic black chappal look. It is perfect for when you are hanging out at the beach. Team it up with shorts and a loose vest and it’s the most effortless fashion that one can carry. This is my go-to look when I’m on summer vacation.

5) Go strappy with your chappal

summer chappal 5

Experiment a bit with your chappal style. Pick out comfy flats, with details. They could be strappy, have embellishments or just an interesting texture and colour. These are a good option and can be teamed up with dresses, jeans, shorts and so many more outfits.

These are all the ways which I prefer when it comes to pairing up my chappals. And the good thing is that a chappal is so versatile and useful in every season. So I would highly recommend you to find your go-to summer chappal. Hope this article helps you in putting together a look that you love.

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