Swimming costume accessories we all need!

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A swimming costume is not just functional, but it’s something that can add to your personal style. And it’s not just about the swimwear itself, but also how you create the perfect beach look. And here are a few things that can help up your swimwear game.


They don’t just offer protection, but they end up looking super cool. A hat is a perfect accessory for a swimming costume. Not only is it saving you from some of the harsh sun rays, but it’s also adding a fun element to your overall look. Pick a hat that is comfortable for you – remember that the wider it is, the more sun protection it offers.


swimming costume hat 2

After a swim, nothing like chilling on a beach bed, but of course with lots of sunscreen and a cool pair of shades. I personally love a good reflective pair of sunglasses because they just look really stylish. Don’t forget to pick ones that actually provide UV protection.


swimming costume scarf

Scarves are multipurpose gems – put them on a handbag, wear them to cover your head, or even around your neck; they add that oomph to any look. Pick ones with fun prints or bright colour to go with your swimwear.

Bright Lips

swimming costume lipstick

A nice bright shade of red, pink, orange or coral looks great on a day out at the beach. Pick a shade that suits your skin tone. I also suggest sticking to a creamy comfortable formula as opposed to a full-on matte lip as the former can be much more comfortable. You can even try out a nice tinted lip balm like this one.

Sunscreen Lotion

I cannot stress enough on the importance of good sunscreen lotion. I personally love the one by Neutrogena. It suits most skin types and is an SPF 50 which gives 5 hours of sun protection.


Ideally, pick up your swimming costume in a nice fun print. While plain colours look great, I love seeing cute prints on a swimming outfit. Prints tend to look nice with a pool or a beach background and make for great Instagram pictures.

Beach Bags

swimming costume beach bags

I love beach bags – they are huge and fit it so much stuff! You can get these in cotton, denim, cane and so much more variety. In terms of utility, these can fit in a lot and yet look really cool. Also, a lot of them come with quirky captions, fun prints and really attractive colours.


swimming costume sandals

Chuck your heels and wear comfortable slip-ons at the beach or a day by the pool. These look great and are mostly fairly inexpensive; so you don’t have to worry about them getting spoilt in the sand.

Beach Dress

swimming costume beach dress

I find these really useful. Usually after a swim, one can slip one of these beach dresses on and they look cute and are also very easy to carry. Something not too tight and not too loose – basically a comfortably fitted, easy to slip on dress. It can be a shirt dress or a nice strappy one too.

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So those were some of the accessories that can help you put together a good beach and poolside look. Hope this article was helpful. Don’t forget to share it with all your friends.

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