Syndrome X: Controlling Calorie Count to Manage This Silent Enemy

Wouldn’t it be great if we could magically slice the fat from our body after every meal and cure all diseases in the world? Imagine living in a world where everyone is fit without any effort. It sounds like a perfect utopian land, but unfortunately, we live in a world, where we are surrounded by all these delicious food items that are just so hard to avoid.

Are you struggling to lose weight and getting more tangled in its trap, inviting diseases and other health problems in your body? It’s sad we ignore these early signs and see weight gain as a normal issue, when it can hold a deeper meaning.

Most people in India don’t even realize that they are suffering from these weight syndromes Particularly Syndrome X until it’s too late and they have already piled on a lot of weight.

What you guys thinking, now in the encyclopedia of weight loss from where this mystery of Syndrome X came???

I introduce you with this silent and uninvited companion of weight gain.

What is S….. X ?????

Syndrome X is basically a Metabolic Syndrome, which puts its patients at higher risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Most people suffering from Syndrome X are reported to have higher chances of having a high blood pressure, high triglycerides (A fat inducing blood cell), high sugar levels, central obesity, weight issues and low levels of good cholesterol.

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How is Syndrome X caused?

This metabolism syndrome can cause insulin resistance. Insulin is an essential hormone which converts sugar into energy. Insulin resistance can prevent this hormone from working properly which generates extra fat and sugar cells in the body which can eventually lead to diabetes.    

Other reasons for its generation can include family history, hypertension, genetic predisposition and cardiovascular diseases. The modern day unhealthy lifestyle is also one of its most common factors, where we are just eating fast fatty food, without indulging in any exercise, creating nutrition deficiency and weight gain in our body.

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Symptoms of Syndrome X

Instant weight gain is amongst the first and most prominent symptom to determine this syndrome. The patient will find it almost impossible to lose weight despite his hard work and diets. You can also feel unexplained weakness, irritation, central obesity and fatty liver. Symptoms of diabetes and hypertension can also help determine the stages of this syndrome.   

Ummmmm!!!! After this daunting task of collecting the information now here come the saviour..

Be Realistic and don’t wait for time to heal your problem and contact an expert

If you are suffering from Syndrome X then don’t be your doctor yourself. Go to an expert like VLCC. The VLCC has a dedicated program designed for people suffering from Syndrome X. The program expert will help you with an exercise program and appropriate diet chart with respect to the active and passive activities of your life, metabolism and medical conditions.  They will take care of your nutrients while also allotting a routine filled with regular exercise.

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VLCC is probably the only India Wellness center that offers this dedicated program towards the condition of Syndrome X where you lose your weight under the supervision of experts.

You can sign up for an online consultation here

Move Your Body…little shaky shaky

Needless to say, the solution of Syndrome X and weight reduction hides behind the regular exercise and healthy diet. Your fitness regime will help you to boost your metabolism so that you can burn more calories. I know in this busy and hectic lifestyle it is difficult to have time for exercise. For which you are not so into exercise, in that case you can start with half an hour walk for few days, then aim for more as you get better.

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In fact it’s good that before going on diet you should talk to a VLCC Syndrome X expert as in case if you lose the control of your condition you may need to go on medications, which is undoubtedly worst.

It is not your fault that you are a victim of Syndrome X, so stop criticizing yourself and step towards something like a dedicated program of VLCC Syndrome X that can offer you hope and a better future. 

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